Sunday, 6 August 2017

REVIEW: Biore Aqua Rich Watery Jelly Water Base Whitening SPF 30 PA++

Read this review in BAHASA here

If you're not into makeup or feel that skin care is quite hard to understand (LOL), and probably you want to start having skincare but don't know what to start. Just go with the sunscreen first! I'll recommend you the lightweight sunscreen in this post. You can also check my review about another sunscreen that I like here (for normal to oily skin).
Let's get into the product...
Actually, there are some products of Biore sunscreen, but I didn't know why I choose this. Perhaps, because it has a whitening in it since my face is very dull. However, I've just realized that I downgrade my sunscreen product. I used to use a sunscreen who has SPF 50+ PA+++ but now I'm using only SPF 30 PA++. Just barely realized. LOL. As you can tell, I live in Indonesia which has an all-year-of sun that appears so bright. I think, we, Indonesian, need to put a sunscreen with more than SPF 30. Ok.
Although I seem to downgrade my sunscreen, this product has successfully won my heart. I've been using this product since several months ago (not sure when). My face gets easily dull especially for sticky and thick consistency of the products. That's why I always choose a lightweight skin care, like this one. This is so lightweight, as you might notice in its name. A watery jelly water base. That's the key to choose a lightweight skin care as well.
You might already know, the sunscreen product of Biore is quite good and light. And is everybody's favorite. In my opinion, this sunscreen is just working well on my skin. There's no breakout but the thing is, unfortunately, it takes time to absorb. Moreover, you need to apply quite an amount of the sunscreen. However, I don't mind waiting :)

Perhaps, in the picture, it looks like that this product is thick and creamy. Actually, not at all. The texture is like a water but thicker, but still, it's not sticky at all. For the whitening agent, I think, it quite works but not that much. By wearing sunscreen, we can also prevent our face from getting darker and as a good anti-aging. It's enough for me to choose the sunscreen.

I always use this ↑ much whenever I go outside. And when I stay in my room I use a half of it. I don't know much about how much we have to apply sunscreen, I heard it has to be quite much, so I do that much. I apply it all over my face and neck. Although I'm wearing hijab I have to apply it on the neck since my hijab isn't thick enough to block the sun.

After I've been using it for several months, I can say that Biore Aqua Rich Watery Jelly Water Base Whitening SPF 30 PA++:
+ Light
+ Perfect for tropical country
+ It's still light even if we take quite amount of it
+ Doesn't let breakout
+ For all skin type
- (relatively) low SPF
- Takes time to absorb
- A little pricey

Around IDR 150,000/USD 11


Overall, this sunscreen is actually pretty good, but I need a higher SPF. Actually, there are some variants of Biore sunscreen and I already found that suits me. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA+++ will be the next to purchase! I found one on nihonmart. Unfortunately, it's out of stock right now, I wish it will be back in stock once my current sunscreen is empty.
Psst, I recommend this product!

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Accidentally Twinning with My Twin Sister

Tomorrow is the weekend! Why don't you stay here while I'm giving you an outfit inspiration? Of wearing match outfit to go out on the weekend? Good Idea? Well, finally I post about fashion after (again and again) I post about beauty and stuff. This photo was actually taken in February when I went to Surabaya on a trip and extended to visit my relatives (and sister).
One day, we decided to go out, looking for some fresh air (and I was pretending to be a tourist). We didn't plan to wear the matching outfit at the time, but I think it's a good time to take #ootd photos with my sister.

I wore a blue overall culotte (but wearing it inside), with a vintage white blouse, and a black cami as the outerwear.

My sister wore a black culotte, a cream shirt, completed with a sleeveless outer.

Here is the palette...

We wore the same palette, as you see in the picture above, the color we wore wasn't the same. We wore the light color of the tops, dark for the outer and the bottom. For the bottom, we both wore the culotte, but mine is overall, and hers is pants. And again, accidentally, we wore the same color of bags. We both wore sneakers as well. How matching!
Twinning is not that hard, and we don't have to wear the exact clothes or even color to look matched each other. In my case, we don't wear anything that's exactly the same. We wear the similar items that we have (accidentally). It also can save your budget, just look into your closet and see which items are similar to your sister/friend. I can show you some tips to wear matching outfit:
  1. Don't have to wear exactly the same items, but wear the same layers like what we do.
  2. Match it with color.
  3. Wear matching accessories, such as bags, shoes, necklaces, watch, bracelet, etc.

That's pretty much it. It's super easy, isn't it?

Which one is the younger and the older? 😜

Sunday, 23 July 2017

PHOTO GALLERY - Spring in Taiwan - Tianyuan Temple 天元宮 (2016)

I guess it's gonna be only photo galleries of Spring in Taiwan, 2016. As you can tell, last year I went to Taiwan for the exchange program from my campus and right now I'm still missing those moments. I know, it's been 1 a half year more has passed, but those memories stay clearly in my mind...
Taiwan is a four season country, but fortunate-unfortunately (since I can't tell that snow is a good idea or not, it's cold. It's a bad idea. Well,) there is no snow unless you want to go to the top of the mountain, you'll find the snow there.
Last year, I don't exactly remember when. It's in the beginning of April if I'm not mistaken but it wasn't Spring break yet. I went to Tianyuan Temple, to see Sakura! This was the first time I saw the Sakura.
I live in Danshui, New Taipei, luckily, Tianyuan Temple is located in the same city where I live. However, I need to take a bus to go there. I guess a bus number 875, I don't exactly remember.

I went there with Misaki, my Japanese friend. Here is where we waited for the bus that took us to the temple. We need to walk from the dorm to go here. It's around 500 m. Not too far, I walk a lot in Taiwan, I wasn't like an Indonesian. If you know what I mean. LOL.


Here is the Sakura!

A photo of us taken by my new Indonesian friend
The blurry photo of Sakura

The Temple...

Took on the second floor

It was on Sakura Festival in Tianyuan Temple and we went there on Sunday. There were many people visited there. Like, too crowded. That's why you find many (not really) photo bombers on my photo. LOL.
Since it was a holiday, I also find many people with hijab, that indicates they are (not only Muslim but) Indonesian. I got acquainted with two Indonesian students who study in one of the University in Taipei. They asked me to take the photos of them, and so did I. I also asked their Line account and asked them to invite me on their Spring break trip but the fact is I didn't text them until now. I'm really sorry. LOL. I'm the one who asked them, but also me the one who didn't do that...
Funny thing again, I met a Taiwanese gentleman and greet me with "Assalamu'alaikum" (greeting in Islam) but with not a good pronunciation. I was surprised. LOL. I smiled to him, and he said that he knew I am Indonesian. LOL. I think because there are a lot of Indonesian labors in Taiwan until he noticed that I am Indonesian...

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

REVIEW: Mizzu Eye Base Essential

In need of an eye shadow base, since I'm planning to do my own make up on my graduation, which is this October. I've been collection some essentials for graduation make up and it's about to complete! It's been a while since I need eye shadow base to make my eye make up pop out. As I am a beginner in the world of make up, I had no idea that eye shadow base become that important. Then, when I was surfing on Youtube, I found a good product that I need. More about it, it's a local brand.

Yes, I'm gonna review a local brand again. Recently, there are many new Indonesian brands that launched their brand in good quality and good packaging. #proudindonesian. Finally, I can have many local brands. Mizzu is one of them, can you tell the how cute the box is? I can't get enough. Even they designed it super cute in the inside, as you see in the picture below. What more I like about local products are usually not that pricey, and this Mizzu eye shadow base only costs IDR 67.000 or around 5 US$.

It's not just the packaging that looks versatile, but the product has a good quality as well. Before I bought this product, I've searched for the review of it and most of them concluded that this is a good eye shadow base. I agreed, that's why I made this review.

So, this is the eye shadow base. The  container is like a typical liquid lipstick, as well as the applicator, that makes us easier to apply.

As you can see above, that looks like a concealer but it is not. The texture is also different. This is more liquid than concealer. It also has no color after we apply to the skin. So no need to worry, this product suits every skin tone.

And when it's applied before eye shadow, it turned out that my eye shadow is way more pigmented. Seriously. The shimmery eye shadow looks more shimmer, the matte one looks more vibrant. Now I know how much important the eye shadow base is to make our eye shadow looks pop out. Below is the comparison on with/without using the product. Btw, I'm using L.A Girl Nude Palette.

Overall, this product is worth to buy. As this is my first eye shadow base, I still can't compare to the other. But it's good enough to try. After I purchased this product, I think it's a must to have an eye shadow base. Especially, for the one who likes to play with eye shadow. Plus, it makes the eye make up (not only eye shadow, but eyeliner as well) stays longer on your eyelid.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How To Keep Our Lips Moisturized All Day

I used to have a very dry and chapped lips. I already applied lip balm on my lips to keep my lips moist, it would always turn to be dried in a minute.  Been using this and that type of lip balm, but it wasn't going better. When I use a matte lipstick, it also will look bad since there will be some lines in my lips. It didn't look good at all (and looked not healthy as well).
I've read in an article that dry and chapped lips can cause our lips darker. It's true, my lips were so much darker at that time. Moreover, I had never cared about my lips before I started using lip balm around three years ago (which also didn't solve any problem of my lips).
Then, my friend asked me to buy a lip scrub together that I wished it would help my lips problem. If you read my lip essentials post, you might be familiar with Gulaco, a handmade lip scrub that I used to help reduced my dry and chapped lips. The thing that made me feel doubt to repurchase is that the day when I didn't apply it, my lips will be dried. The fact, it could reduce it but, it can't be used everyday since it's not 100% natural. Although the product claim is natural but, it still contains preservatives that I can't use it everyday. It only can be used maximum thrice a week.

So, I thought about, why didn't I make it my own lip scrub? I browsed through internet and found out that sugar + honey can be used as a 100% natural lip scrub. Since then, I always apply it twice a day every time I take a bath (Indonesians do the bath twice). Since it's natural, I don't need to worry to use it everyday. And my lips still is moist even if I don't use it for 1 or 2 day(s).
Based on what I read on the internet, sugar can be used to exfoliate our skin, while honey will brighten, and moisturize the skin. It's the perfect combination. By using this mask, my lips look lighter than before. The most important thing is I can use any matte lipstick without afraid that my lips will get dried after that.

You can make your own lip scrub at home like me. What you need is only sugar and honey (raw honey is better). I use raw honey, and it gets my lips moist everyday. Raw honey also can lighten your skin faster (based on my experience). The above picture is the texture of the lip scrub I made. Basically, you can just make it to whichever consistency you want, as long as it's not too liquid or too condensed. It can be saved until 3 months or less.

And here is how I use the scrub:

  1. Wet your lips with a clean water
  2. Apply the scrub on top lips, and rub gently around 1 - 3 minutes
  3. After rubbed, apply honey as a mask. Leave it for a few seconds, then rinse with water
  4. Apply lip balm.

It's a must to apply lip balm after doing the scrub to keep your lips moist. If it's not, your lips gonna dry as the scrub has exfoliated your lips that makes it lost its moisture. But no need to worry, after you apply lip balm, you lips will be moisturized all day.
The bonus if you're doing this everyday is it can lighten your skin. It does work on me, my lips get lighter. It will work better if you add lemon to it as lemon can also lighten dark lips. However, as always, the key is to use it regularly and as this is is natural way, it takes time to make your lips look lighter.

So, to keep our lips moisturized all day, all we need is scrubbing our lips regularly using sugar+honey. It's cheap and easy. I think everyone can do it easily at home. After I scrub my lips twice everyday, I notice that my lips is not as dry and chapped as before, my lips even look healthy and moisturized well. It's a huge improvement for me as dry and chapped lips is one of my serious problem. LOL. Like, previously I was living with my dry lips and I didn't know what to do; I thought, I would have dry and chapped lips forever, and I was wrong. I found this scrub very helpful! Hopefully, it will be helpful for you too, and happy trying!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Review: EMINA Eye Do! Crayon Pour Les Yeux Liner Black

Hi, I'm back! Today is the third day of Eid Fitr, so let me say 'minal aidin wal faidzin'. May our prays and good things we did in Ramadan is accepted by God. Eid mubarak! Time to celebrate with family and friends.
This time, I'm gonna post a review of an eyeliner! It is one of the inside Emina package I got from the blogger gathering. To be honest, I prefer a gel liner, because I like its texture but, usually it's more expensive than other types of eyeliner. Surprisingly, the texture of Emina Eye Do! Crayon Liner is similar with my favorite gel liner. It's creamy!

Emina is Indonesian brand with a cute and fresh packaging. If you heard about Wardah or Make Over, Emina is a part of their family. I guess, Emina is more like dedicated for teenagers by its cute packaging. Emina also has a few skincare products that worth to buy. The price of both (cosmetics or skincare) is relatively cheap for Indonesian.
Visit their website to know more:


Emina Eye Do! Crayon Liner has 3 different colors; black, brown, and purple. I have mine in black.  It's perfect for any occasion with its creamy texture. You can just create whatever look you want. If we see the packaging, there's nothing special, but when we open it, there are more than only the crayon. This product in one side has the crayon liner, while in another side it has the smudger which is made by the hard sponge that can help us to smudge the eyeliner to create a smokey finish. On the inside of the smudger, we also can find the sharpener for the crayon. It's all in one. See the picture below to see the packaging (click to enlarge).

The picture below is the first time I use and swatch it after I opened the packaging for the first time. As I've mentioned above, the texture is creamy. You can tell it if you see the picture below. When I apply it to the eye, it results the jet black, and I love this <3 However, when I swatch the product on my hand, it doesn't show its jet black color. The result is similar to the gel liner I had before.

Overall, I like this product, plus, I love the box! It's just cute, and as a local product, I think Emina is one of the brands that consider a good packaging will attract people more. However, it doesn't only good in the packaging, but the quality as well. I was surprised by the first time I used this product. I thought, it would result a thicker line. So, I was just instantly in love with this product at the first sight. LOL. The shape of the crayon is also making easy to use. I use it very easy, I still am considered as a newbie. So, if I say easy, means it's super easy for you guys! *definitely*. Plus, again, I'm in love with the texture! I've ever swore myself to only buy a gel liner for my life time, but I was wrong. The creamy texture of Emina Eye Do! Crayon Liner makes me change my mind. And after I swatch and use for several times, I can conclude this product:
  • Has a creamy texture
  • Can create a thin liner
  • Easy to use
  • Can create a smokey finish
  • Can be used for daily or party
  • All in one!
  • Good packaging
  • Worth to buy


IDR 60.000 / USD 4.51

Yes, but I want to try other products.

Definitely, it's a yes! I recommend this product when my friend ask me which eyeliner is worth to buy.

In Indonesia, you can buy this product at Emina counter. I think it's quite easy to find everywhere. But if you want to buy online, you can buy this product on Sociolla. And since my blog has partnership with the website, I will inform you that you can get IDR 50.000 discount if you purchase more than IDR 250.000 by inserting SBNLA0N in the checkout box! Ps, it ships worldwide!

This is not a sponsored post, I made an honest review of the product above

Sunday, 4 June 2017

REVIEW: Kissui BriSea Vital Moisture Ampoule Perfect-Kit Mask

Recently, I've been regularly using sheet mask for my weekly treatment. I like to do treatment with mask. I usually have my DIY green tea mask and clay mask for once or twice a week (each). I also have some stocks of sheet masks but, I rarely use it. So, I decided to do the sheet mask treatment every week. There are some brands of sheet masks that I have, but mostly I bought in Taiwan (if you read my post about Taiwan haul here and here, you might already know it).

This week, I use Kissui sheet mask from Taiwan that I got it free. If you read this post, you might be knowing that I've got a free mask after I bought several products in Cosmed Taiwan. It was around a year ago and I haven't use it until today. Haha.

So, I didn't expect that this sheet mask has several layers -_- and I didn't know how to use it until I have to ask my Taiwanese friend to help me read the direction that is shown behind the packaging. LOL.

By the help of my friend, I found out that it has three layers, but I only should use one of it which is the middle one. The first layer was the typical sheet mask cover to protect its shape, the second is the mask, and the third (the blue one) is to help us applying the sheet mask easier on to the face.

The sheet mask is thinner than the other sheet masks I've ever used. Probably, that's the reason why the blue layer exist. LOL. It's so helpful, indeed. Cz, without the blue layer, it's kinda hard to apply the sheet mask on to the face.

Recently, my face has been a little dry, since I didn't take care really well after I got sick. So, I choose this sheet mask (among all sheet masks I have) cause I need to moisturize my skin. This mask is not only moisturizing but it can brighten my skin instantly. After I use this mask, my face becomes so smooth, cleaner, and brighter. Too bad I can't show you the before-after picture. I did capture it but, I didn't wear scarf so I can't post it here :( But overall, this mask is pretty good. It's just a little bit sticky-feeling on my face after I release the sheet. However, it doesn't really that bad.

+ Moisturizes well
+ Brighten my face
+ Makes my face looks cleaner
+ Makes my face smoother
- A little too sticky

Honestly, I didn't really know about this brand since I got this free. What I know is this product is a Taiwanese brand that worth to try. This might be a new brand from Taiwan cause I didn't get a lot information after I searched for this mask on google. Do you guys know about this brand? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comment below :)

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Make Your Own Cushion Foundation (DIY Cushion Foundation)

Cushion right now is happening. This beauty innovation from Korea can attract beauty enthusiasts to (at least, just) try this product. The fact that cushion is more simple to use, it makes most girls would like it. And me too..
Now there are many brands offer this new invention in make up. Not only Korean brands, but western cosmetic brands also offer the cushion products. The products are also varied, from BB Cushion, CC Cushion, until Cushion Foundation. There are literally a lot to choose. Hmm.. Perhaps, are you too confused to choose between all of them even after search for the reviews? I got the idea, why don't we make our own Cushion? So, here it is, I'm gonna show you how..

The first thing you need is a Cushion case. I have one that I bought at Althea, a Korean beauty e-commerce that ships to Indonesia (as well as Malaysia and some Southeast Asian countries). I got it from "It's My" brand for only around IDR 60.000. It's super cheap, I know. Other Korean brand I know that also sell Cushion is Innisfree. Innisfree has hundreds of cute Cushion case that you can choose what you like but the price is a little higher than It's My Cushion case. I bought this Cushion case around a year ago before Innisfree sells their new Cushion case.

It's My Cushion case have some choices of colors and design, but I choose this black, because it's just simple and elegant. This Cushion case is included with the container, sponge, and its puff. So, you don't need to buy it separately. From what I know, the new Cushion case from Innisfree has separate the container and the case, so we have to buy it separately.

Since it's DIY, the other things you need are your own cosmetics. This time, I fill the Cushion case with Foundation and Steam Cream. You can customize it yourself. I've done some other formulas; such as BB Cream + Sunscreen + Essence, or CC Cream + Sunscreen + Moisturizer/Serum. Actually, if you add Sunscreen nor Moisturizer or Serum, you can minimize the time of layering the skincare. So, you don't need to apply Sunscreen or Moisturizer before. It safes your time!

I use Revlon Colorstay Foundation for normal/oily skin which has a matte result, but I like to do a dewy make up (but the fact that I have an oily/combination skin). Then I added the Steam Cream that contains Argan Oil from Secret Key. I really like to use this Steam Cream as my moisturizer, actually. However, the Steam Cream also fits perfectly with my Foundation. It creates a perfect dewy finish without getting too oily, since I use a matte Foundation.

Here are the steps:

  1. Release the container from the case
  2. Fill up the container with Foundation and Steam Cream without removing the sponge. Ration 2:1 for the Foundation.
  3. Mix and stir, both the Foundation and Steam Cream with cotton buds. Then push them until it disappears from the surface (see picture number 4).
  4. Ready to apply!

I used to remove sponge and insert the cosmetics in but in the end, the foundation didn't pop out well on the puff. However, after I fill it without removing the sponge out, the Foundation will appear fully in the puff like the picture above.

Don't forget to check the consistency of the DIY Cushion Foundation you made. Honestly, the Foundation that I have (Revlon Colorstay Foundation) has the high coverage; however, if it's turned into Cushion, it doesn't have high coverage anymore since I've been mixed it with the Steam Cream. But it's perfect for daily use anyway.

So, do you want to make your own Cushion like me?

I hope my post is helpful and happy trying!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

REVIEW: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water (Get The Special Promo from Sociolla!)

I was always wondering how the micellar water from Bioderma works, especially the sensibio, until finally I got a freebies of Bioderma Sensibio from Sociolla! I was so excited to try this and it turned out to give me a satisfaction. I was amazed by this product (seriously).

I've found many good review about this products (and I believe you do), no wonder cause the first word of "micellar" you heard was from Bioderma, am I right? After its fame, other brands began to produce the similar cleanser. But still, people say, Bioderma is still the best. That's why I excited to review this product. Though it's too late, but that's okay. So, this is my version of Bioderma review..

As you know that I've tried some micellar water before, you can check this post to see the review and a little comparison. The first micellar water I tried was from a local product, Mineral Botanica. Unfortunately, I wasn't satisfied with the product, it's too sticky so that I have to rinse my face after that. I also tried Garnier micellar water. It was pretty good, and I repurchased it several times. Some said Garnier is pretty much similar with Bioderma.

And it does! Those people are right, it's just similar with Garnier,'s much better. Without any doubt, Bioderma Sensibio H2O can remove my make up easily, even a high coverage foundation and waterproof products. The first time I applied to my face, I felt that it's no different from Garnier. After I use it regularly recent days, I can sum up that it's better, cause it can help deflating my acne (surprisingly). Probably, it's because it cleanses well, so the bacteria will disappear and cause the acne deflated. It cleanse better than Garnier micellar water. It's even smoother, when I use it, I feel like it's just similar like water. Compared to Garnier, Bioderma is not sticky at all; while, Garnier is still sticky sometimes. Unfortunately, Bioderma is much expensive. But it has the reasonable price, tho.

+ Light formula
+ Not sticky
+ Cleanse well
+ Gentle
+ No need harsh rubbing
+ No fragrance
+ Cleanse waterproof make up well
+ Deflate the acne
+ No need to rinse
+ Paraben free
+ Doesn't cause break out
+ Hypoallergenic

- Pricey (cost around IDR 231.000 in 250ml)

Bioderma is paraben free, as we know paraben can turn into toxic if it's exposed to the ultraviolet and could raise cancer if it's absorbing to your skin too much. Also, it is hypoallergenic, so you don't need to worry about getting allergy with this product. It's safe. This product also can be used for all skin types.

Overall, the Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water is worth to try and worth every penny.

In case you haven't try this product or your Bioderma has just run out, this month Sociolla have special deal for you. You can get:

Get those special Bioderma promo only on Sociolla. This promo is available only till 31 May 2017. Grab it fast before the stocks last!