Accidentally Twinning with My Twin Sister

Tomorrow is the weekend! Why don't you stay here while I'm giving you an outfit inspiration? Of wearing match outfit to go out on the weekend? Good Idea? Well, finally I post about fashion after (again and again) I post about beauty and stuff. This photo was actually taken in February when I went to Surabaya on a trip and extended to visit my relatives (and sister).

One day, we decided to go out, looking for some fresh air (and I was pretending to be a tourist). We didn't plan to wear the matching outfit at the time, but I think it's a good time to take #ootd photos with my sister.

I wore a blue overall culotte (but wearing it inside), with a vintage white blouse, and a black cami as the outerwear.

My sister wore a black culotte, a cream shirt, completed with a sleeveless outer.

Here is the palette...

We wore the same palette, as you see in the picture above, the color we wore wasn't the same. We wore the light color of the tops, dark for the outer and the bottom. For the bottom, we both wore the culotte, but mine is overall, and hers is pants. And again, accidentally, we wore the same color of bags. We both wore sneakers as well. How matching!
Twinning is not that hard, and we don't have to wear the exact clothes or even color to look matched each other. In my case, we don't wear anything that's exactly the same. We wear the similar items that we have (accidentally). It also can save your budget, just look into your closet and see which items are similar to your sister/friend. I can show you some tips to wear a matching outfit:
  1. Don't have to wear exactly the same items, but wear the same layers as what we do.
  2. Match it with color.
  3. Wear matching accessories, such as bags, shoes, necklaces, watch, bracelet, etc.

That's pretty much it. It's super easy, isn't it?

Which one is the younger and the older? 😜

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