Monday, December 14, 2015

Something Clear

Clear can be defined from our heart, and the honest of mind. Something clear isn't always have to be white. Blue also can be defined as clear. So, I picked my self-made batik pants to wear this time. It's really playful to pair white with the sky blue. It becomes a fresh look.

The detail:

I wore my favorite brocade top paired with my self-made long vest with slit and all in white, then paired with my (also self-made) batik pants in blue. To match with the pants, I wore my sky blue pashmina. I also combined with my sand wedges, it's from UP by Diana Rikasari (you need to check it, the collections are all cute!!). Not to forget to bring my transparent clear clutch with a white pouch in it, and the last touch, I added Katniss necklace from my brand, Confidential.

Assignments, presentations, are best friends for college student. It needs to refresh our mind to walk around and look for something joyful. Recently, I've visited Langgeng Art, Yogyakarta with friends. We have only just several times to visit this art museum but it was a good day to go out in a limited time.

This is Elin 

This one is Linda, she has come back from Philippines after taking an Exchange Program

And she is Novi

It's good to enjoy in this place, the place is quiet and peace. You can have a leisure time here, but unfortunately, there's no food and chips there, so it might be boring to stay for a long time. But still, it can be your next destination when you come to Yogyakarta, especially for those who likes arts and philosophy.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Boys don't like the same thing like us, indeed they don't like cute things such as trinkets, or something too girly (of course, they aren't girls. LOL). But they might like surprises from us, because they will think we care enough to them, and always there to make them happy. Especially, when it comes to his birthday, it will be an annual moments of happiness that will always be remembered.
So, here I'm gonna show you a birthday gift ideas that you might want it to be gifted to your boyfriend. It was J's birthday on last 24th November, and I gifted him a little surprise that I sent to his friend's rental (because he's there and I'm here, and he doesn't have his own rental bcz he's studying at a military-based school, so ya..)
It's a crafted by me to surprise him, so let's take a look at my DIY stuffs I gifted to him.

That's the whole package. It's really simple because I know J doesn't really like something too much, he likes being simple. I made the box myself, with a cardboard, and I just simply wrapped it with a wrapping paper. I like to make a DIY, so I decided to make my own box for him.

And that is the inside. I made some quotation cards that contains of my own words to say Birthday to him. A card a word, and I put a hint at the back of each side with number of dots. So, he can arrange it to be a quote that is connected. So sad, I didn't capture it to show to you the backside, but the quotation cards were captured in above picture. I still have the file, so I'll show you the sample:

I also made card photos contain of birthday cake, flag banner decoration, foil balloon in J letter, and the main gift. It's better for you to use such kind of polaroid camera, because I don't have it so I decided to make it in square with a same size as the quotation cards.

And then.....about the final wrapping, I only added a cord then wrapped it around the box.

I also inserted two torn tiny papers contain of sentence to make it not look so plain. Hehe

Then, done! I hope it inspires you give a surprise for your boyfriend's birthday..
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Prologue: Don't Be Regret, You'll Earn It Even Better

It's been a hiatus for 2 months, gee where have I been? I'm almost forget that I have a blog the one I shared with. Do you guys asking why I left this blog too long? It's been a hectic at my campus, and my social life. I've been enjoying this season, good things come to me. I didn't thought that life is this easy without my close friends. For a prologue, I'm studying in International Relations, and taking international class program (IPIREL). I love all the international things, and my friends, they are also cool!
It's good to be here. Many chances we can take, especially to go abroad, to see the foreigners, be friends with them. I really want to do that since a long time. But, once I tried to enroll it last semester, I was rejected, even two times, and my friends were accepted. They both now leave me, and go to their destined country to take an Exchange Program for a semester. I was really upset of myself that time..
I imagined how can I live my life at campus without them, my close friends, though many good friends here but still they are not that close to me. Anyway, my life seems happier without them. Oh no, no, I mean, I can still adapt with the others, enjoy many things here. Interact better, adapt better. Laugh, kidding. I never imagined that way since I was the one that hard to easily adapt with other, and tend to always be in my comfort zone, always be with my close friends.
But now I can stand alone. I can do anything I want without surrounded by my close friends. This time I think that I am getting better, resolving my number one problem: can't stand alone. I feel like no one can let me down. It's the one that motivate me, to be the person that is better. It's me, myself that changes me.
It's yourself who will change you. After that, you will find it easier, your life. You don't have to desperately regret on your failure. Just focus on how you can face a life differently, and just relax. That's what I've done. I've never look back to my failure, I was happy that my friends got that chance, and I'm just regret how I can't do the same. They are great. But it's not that I have to give up. I never stop trying instead. Then I promised myself to not focus on my regret, but just to enjoy my life better, and the problem unconsciously will be solved.
This season, I got that chance even easier. I still can't believe that I've done that. Remember the word that Allah always hears your prayers, when you failed, He will change it with the better one and I believe that. Alhamdulillah for this. I feel this time is my best moment of life that I can solve a little problem that comes to me. So, for you who don't belive you can do or you've failed doing a thing, just don't be regret. Try to focus on making yourself better in any sides, not to focus to chase the things you want. Because if you only focus on that things, you will never change yourself to be the better one. Then, you might failed again :)