Friday, January 30, 2015

Greyscale | Tips to Wear Tights With Hijab

It's a holiday! Yippie! Now my 3rd semester has done, and I ended it hunting! Yay! This time, I went to Kotagede, again, it's still in Yogyakarta, and it was a historical place. A good choice for the ones who kind of historical-travel person. I don't mention you as a move on-failed. Haha

You know, Kotagede is a kind of settlement, however there were so many historical buliding like Mosque, so sad I didn't took photo there cause at that time it was raining. I don't know how it's called like a vintage-atmosphere, in fact yaa it's a real vintage-atmosphere with the old houses, and quiet pavings, and the wall with full of grass.

The unique things in this historical place is people are always taking photos in front of people's houses. And the grassed-wall also owned by people there. It's a house! One thing I know, so many Jogjanesse or even settled foreigner like me know where it was. They already know, it must be a wall full of grassed located in Kotagede. This is such a phenomenal. People there also are accustomed of the visitors taking so many photos there.

 About my outfit, this time I paired my old midi dress with tights! It's a thick tights or we can call it pantyhose. And I can't get enough of this panties! Who says by wearing hijab we can't dress better? As long as it's not too much, you still need to notice that wearing hijab is should be like womanly. We keep it feminine, and calm. I like to dress in a simple way. And with this pantyhose once again, I can pair it with any kind of clothes, such as midi skirts, midi dress with a long sleeves, midi pants, and all the "midi" stuffs you have. Here are some tips to wear pantyhose with hijab:
  • Choose dark color of tights/pantyhose, such as black, dark grey, dark green, any kinds of dark colors.
  • Choose only tights/pantyhose in 480D or thicker (D = Denier, how thick the tights/pantyhose is measured). As you are wearing hijab, you have to cover your skin as not seen as possible. And it's a must! Mine is 480D, but it's better to choose more than 480D. Thicker, is better.
  • Never wear mini skirt with your tights/pantyhose. Remember, even tights/pantyhose has denier to measure how tick it is, you have to know that it's still not thick enough like your pants or jeans. And its principle is like a legging. It shapes your leg. So, you have to pair it with at least midi kind of bottom and it's minimum 7 cm length under your knee.
  • Never use tight tops, dress, or bottoms. It just exposes your sexiness, and it's a big NO. It's also applied not only when you wear tights, but also have to be applied on your daily wear. If you have to wear tight stuff because there's no choice, then what you have to do is just put on your vest or blazer or any kinds of outerwear that covers until your backside. It's a trick, also it covers some body parts that shown when you wear tight stuffs.
  • Always cover your chest. It also have to be applied in your daily wear. When you want to try short-veil-style, make sure that your clothes is loose. Remember, don't do the poses that will show your chest clearly.
Geez, it's been a long time I didn't give you any tips! Finally, accidentally, haha. So here, I'll give you last session, kind of behind the scene a.k.a candid a.k.a failed photos:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday

#throwback is a common-use-hashtag in an instagram recently. Or you may see it as a #latepost that maybe your followings even yourself have been using it very often. Now, I give you a little moment of the throwback as now it's also a right time to call it as #throwbackthursday.

Yay, it's now an #ootd post! I'm not gonna talking much about hashtag that now it's really happening, especially in instagram of course. One of the most HIT instant social media. But, I will share you my throwback outfit post. As my blog resolution list number 1, I want this blog to be fulfilled of my outfit post. Then, here I am, I make it.

I was in Parangkusumo and Gumuk Pasir, Yogyakarta in last 15 November 2014. It was a little refreshment of my brain, as long time I've been wanting to go to the phenomenal tourism place, Gumuk Pasir and finally it's realized! You know my outfit didn't match with beach anyway, however let's be different. But still, wear what suits you and what's comfort in you ;)

See you in the next outfit post!

Monday, January 19, 2015

What's My Age Again?

First of all, thanks Allah, for giving me such a wonderful time, though I've spent the whole day alone. However, in this day, I've been given lotsa lotsa surprises, greetings, prays, and wishes. I couldn't say much, only a speechless. I couldn't express more. Although almost all the things my friends gave to me through the distances, but good things always dismiss it.
Now I'm turning 20! They may say 20 is still a young, but some people claim I'm getting old. Yupp, indeed, every people will get old as you may pass life and as you can see yourself turn into it. 20 isn't a young for me, it's a new life. A new beginning of the true life, perhaps. There'll be a lot of things change, either my thoughts, my life, or things around me. In this decade, sure I'm gonna take a scholarship (aamiin), graduate, being a worker, married, get my children around me, and so on and so on.
In this 20s, I have to be wiser to do things. Choose what's important for my life, like choosing the right answer in my answer sheet in the exams. As we may through, it couldn't be right at all, cause we know, there's no perfect person. And life might not be going straight as always. As people say, we may through the bump roads. However, we have to keep trying to pass it.
I'm a kinda person who has a lot of dream that I want to make it real. I think, nobody does but there's also no less people have a same mind as me. No matter how hard it is, if I would, I thing I could. Well, in this 20, I wish all my dreams will begin to real, at least, start to be real. And I believe, that nothing's impossible as long as we try. 20 is to gain a new experiences, and prepare to the next adventures. Once again thanks to all people who wish me to be good, and better. I'll love you and wish all the good prays also will back to you :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Midnight Post (Portfolio 3)

So glad then finally I know tomorrow is gonna be freeday! Yayy. It's been almost a week I'm "enjoying" my Final Exam, geez...the time is ticking too fast. I feel like I just entered my third semester, while it's actually will end. That's good tho, I'll be facing another dark age, even gotta wish survive. Hah, Okay, it's because of midnight then I'm talking like I don't get up. What am I talkin about?'s my other contribution to my friend's blog, and this theme is mint green+peach, so pastel...

I don't know why I always love zig zag patterns, this pattern seems never die and never gonna be a hit, anyway. I don't like something mainstream that way. It's a simple template and I only need several days to finish it but it doesn't mean it's really easy for me. Although I can do faster than usual, I should look for many inspirations on it, and the result is I've got some new things that maybe I will aplly it on the next project. This is such a quick post and if you'd like to see her blog, you may visit here.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

To Be A Better VI.ER

Menjadi seorang blogger kadang dianggap sebelah mata, karena mereka pikir para blogger terlalu memfokuskan diri mereka pada dunia maya, while our real life isn't in front of laptop. They just don't know how hard to become a real blogger. Kita harus menjadikan blog kita beda dari orang lain yang membuat itu adalah ciri khas blog kita dan.........mencari visitors itu nggak gampang! It's been years, dan visitors aku bisa dibilang nggak nambah-nambah alias konstan. Mungkin karena memang aku jarang blogwalking juga, atau karena blogku yang kurang menarik. Hehe.
Salah satu cara untuk menambah pembaca blog kita adalah dengan cara masuk komunitas. Dari dulu, aku cari-cari komunitas blogger. Dari komunitas blogger in general, fashion, lifestyle, maupun diary blogger, dan mostly sih dari g+ tapi sayangnya komunitas-komunitas tersebut nggak aktif, jadi sama aja yah mau masuk komunitas itu atau nggak haha. Makanya sekarang happy banget nemu komunitas Indonesian Hijab Blogger yang masih baru dan aktif pula and it suits me, really. Hihi. Sekarang juga banyak nemu temen-temen baru juga dari instagram setelah IHBlogger ngasih #31daysIHBChallenge buat para membernya.
Di post ini aku akan menulis beberapa resolusiku untuk blog ini di tahun 2015. Udah lama banget blogging tapi baru kali ini bisa nulis daftar resolusi buat blogku. Mungkin ini bisa dibilang resolusi dari awal aku ngeblog yang sampai sekarang belum bisa terwujud, dan berharap di 2015 ini bisa terjadi. And the truth will be

Memperbanyak outfit post
Aku suka banget ootd, dan siapa sih cewek yang nggak suka sama fashion? Haha. Awalnya aku bikin blog ini juga buat posting outfit-outfitku dan untuk menjadikan blog ini sebagai blog fashion, setelah aku sering visit blognya  kak Diana Rikasari yang dari dulu sampai sekarang tetep hits banget dan memiliki style yang khas yang jadi daya tarik para visitor/blogger lain buat mengunjungi blognya kak Die. Kenapa menjadi fashion blogger susah buatku? The point is.....I don't have any cameras, nor photographer, at least sih tripod yah. Haha. Itu yang membuatku susah untuk posting-posting outfitku ke blog ini. Sebenernya bisa sih pake kamera hp dan diedit dulu foto-fotonya di photoshop, pasti hasilnya keliatan jelas. Hihi. Tapi, tetep aja kalo nggak ada yang motoin, gimana bisa jadi fashion blogger? Yah semoga saja tahun ini saya bisa dapet kamera gratis dari langit *aamiin.

Memuat tulisan-tulisan sosial/politik atau keadaan sosial yang sedang terjadi
Pengeeen banget loh rasanya mengulas berita-berita pemilu yang kemarin-kemarin lagi disorot banget, karena memang tahun ini antusiasme sama partisipasi politik orang Indonesia lagi tinggi dibanding tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Haha. I'm not really expert in politic, though. Tapi, sebagai anak HI, pasti ada lah suka-sukanya dikit sama politik, walaupun "dikit". Tahun lalu, pas jaman-jamannya kampanye, banyak banget sih sebenernya yang pengen aku tulis secara sederhana, entah cuma mengulas, atau mengkritik, dan bisa juga membela salah satu pihak :p tapi apa daya, selalu saja gagal karena ketidaksempatan saya mencari bahan, dan menulisnya. Karena, untuk menulis itu semua juga butuh banyak sumber kalau nggak mau tulisan kita disalah-artikan. Mungkin temen-temen satu jurusanku yang baca resolusi ini bakal ketawa karena bisa-bisanya aku pengen nulis tentang politik. But, really, I just want to learn by writing and understand it through my own writings.

Lebih banyak postingan tentang blog-blog yang aku desain
I love to design a blog, even a cloth! Tapi, karena ini resolusi blog, jadi aku pingin untuk lebih banyak ngedesain blog-blog orang maupun temen-temenku sendiri. Ini juga sih, yang akan dijadikan salah satu ciri khas blogku, karena aku suka banget ngutak-atik desain blogku sendiri, jadi kadang gatel juga kalo ngeliat blog orang/temen sendiri yang desainnya agak nggak rapi. Hihi. Sekarang sih berhasil menarik perhatian temen-temenku, dan lumayan banyak temen-temenku yang mau aku desainin blognya. Berawal dari temenku yang tadinya anak Tumblr, dan pengen hijrah ke blogger minta di desainin blognya. Eh, temen yang lain juga ikutan minta di desainin dan blog-blog temenku itu aku jadiin portfolio dan aku post juga. Akhirnya, banyak yang minat sama desainku. Alhamdulillah yah. Aku berharap juga, nggak cuma temen-temenku di dunia nyata yang pake desainku, tapi juga blogger-blogger lain *a lil bit code.

Banyak visitors, followers, and comments!
Kalo ini sih standar ya, pasti semua blogger itu pengen blognya rame, nggak sepi kaya.........haha.
Komen, visitor, dan follower juga hal-hal krusial buat para blogger, dan itu juga yang menandakan blog kita bagus/banyak peminat atau nggak haha.

Punya temen blogger, sering kopdar
To be honest, I've never been following the kopdar :( cedihhh. Pengen banget kopdar bareng sama IHBlogger, khususnya di Jogja, karena sekarang aku ada di Jogja untuk menuntut ilmu *eaa. Dan semoga sih nggak ketinggalan berita kaya kopdar kemarin dan alhasil saya tidak ikut.

Bisa menginspirasi blogger lain
Menginspirasi orang lain berarti kita bisa berguna untuk sesama. And that's the important thing when we live on earth. Dan menjadi blogger yang menginspirasi adalah salah satu apresiasi yang kita dapatkan dari apa yang kita posting di blog yang sudah kita buat. Untuk menjadi blogger yang bisa menginspirasi blog lain juga butuh efforts, seenggaknya resolusi-resolusi di atas juga harus terwujud. So, wish my blog reach all those resolutions, then it can inspire all of you ;)

Jadi blogger itu asik! Apalagi kalo bisa nemu temen-temen baru. Dan baru kerasa banget punya komunitas yang aktif ternyata mempengaruhi visitor dan followerku. Although, I'm not good in writing, tapi seenggaknya menjadi blogger itu juga sebagai alat untuk belajar menulis dan berbahasa inggris yang benar, karena blogku kebanyakan berbahasa inggris, alesannya sih karena aku suka banget pelajaran bahasa inggris dari SD sampe sekarang. Walaupun inggrisku nggak bagus-bagus banget. Hihi. Thanks for reading ^^

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year's Stroll

I don't believe that 2014 was sooo fast. There are a lot of things change and new things come. It has a huge year for me as there were so many things happened. Something that I've never imagined before, was a call for being a person who should be more mature to take decision. I can't believe that I had through on something that I thought I couldn't pass it, and I make sure myself to be prepared on the next trial in this 2015.
2015 has coming so fast! My 3rd semester so. Time will feel so fast if only you could enjoy it. And new year's eve was an event that has just running out so fast to. I've hoped that I could be spending the new year's eve with him, but sure I know if he doesn't have enough time to go with. Then, I called my cousin to come to Jogja, and we spent 3 days (31 Dec- 2 Jan) together. It was so fun, and tired, of course. Haha.
It will be a little outfit post here, I'm gonna share you my #ootd of these 3 days with my cousin since those were a crazy moment, until now, I'm still feeling tired and I couldn't resist it. Haha.

Day 1 

Day 2

Last Day

We went to some places from day and night,went around Jogja when it comes to the traffic jam. Surely, from the Christmas Eve until the early of January, Jogja become most people's destination of vacation, since those date are the perfect days to go to holiday. Those were not only Christmas and New Year celebration, but these days are the holiday time for some students. There are also so many student tours coming to Jogja that made Jogja became like Jakarta or Surabaya, the traffic is so terrible.
However, we still decided to go anyway. Our first destination is mall, Jogja City Mall became the perfect choice and the thing is the way to go there wasn't there a traffic jam. Haha. And we took selfie, of course
And we've spent the New Year celebration in the circle Malioboro where people light up the fireworks hihi

The first day of 2015, we went to Kraton, Pines Forest, and Fruit Garden. It was the places we've never visit before and we took alot of pictures there..

The last day, we only spend the night at the Lantern Park. It reminds me of over last year, when the first time I went there with him. It was such a flashback. At that night, it was the day when he come back to Tangerang, I became a bit melancholic. Saw the places where we took photos together, or remember the places we've been taken photos by our friend. I miss that moments already.