Midnight Post (Portfolio 3)

So glad then finally I know tomorrow is gonna be freeday! Yayy. It's been almost a week I'm "enjoying" my Final Exam, geez...the time is ticking too fast. I feel like I just entered my third semester, while it's actually will end. That's good tho, I'll be facing another dark age, even darker...you gotta wish me....to survive. Hah, Okay, it's because of midnight then I'm talking like I don't get up. What am I talkin about?
Anyway....here's my other contribution to my friend's blog, and this theme is mint green+peach, so pastel...

I don't know why I always love zig zag patterns, this pattern seems never die and never gonna be a hit, anyway. I don't like something mainstream that way. It's a simple template and I only need several days to finish it but it doesn't mean it's really easy for me. Although I can do faster than usual, I should look for many inspirations on it, and the result is I've got some new things that maybe I will aplly it on the next project. This is such a quick post and if you'd like to see her blog, you may visit here.

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