Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Matter of Time

I'm on holiday!! And well finally my final exam of second semester has done on last 27 June and at that date also was the day where I should pick him at the airport!!!! Akkkkkk finally I can meet again ha ha ha *ignore. He never had a holiday actually, but he forced himself to go home and as can as possible, he should be home at the first day of ramadhan. And today, is the day where people should enjoy their first fasting. Let me throwback at two days ago...
Two days ago were a really really short day for me. I was through the whole day with him. At the night, 27 June where I've picked him and enjoyed until midnight to just share a thing and eat. Then, in the morning I've left my dorm to accompany him went around looked for things until afternoon, then we went to our own hometown. I went to my house, he went to his own house.
It was a short day, however actually we've spent so many times together. There were places I wanted to go with him, until it weren't accomplished because of the matter of time. I'm sure, LDR actors are feeling the same with me. Many times, places we've dreamed to go with him, unfortunately it can't be fulfilled easily. If only I could say, may I turn to the days back to the time where I and him in the same city? Then we can never think hard to decide when we should met :')
However, I'm still enjoying my holiday although it's not without him, but I'm with my family now. I can laugh loudly here, and it seems like an eternal happiness where we can laugh together, laugh a thing that actually it wasn't important, but we've shared a happiness. The happiness that we've never fould out there. We only can see here.
I also realized after I live alone to finish my study. How they are really important to me. I'm not a kind of person who can be easily homesick, miss them and really wanna go home. I actually can live here alone, can be independently doing everything alone also. I'm not afraid, if there I'm not with my dad or mother, then I couldn't catch a thing.
I have about two months of holiday and it's the time to run my mission. I have sooo many mission that I believe it can make my long holiday become not monotone. So, my holiday will not be monotone :D

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Art of Life

Being alone in other people's hometown isn't a really matter for me. I like to be free basically, because I don't like being ruled that much :p You can call me as an independent person and yes it's me. However, I'm still one of a kinda spoiled girl in a certain time. I love blogging, I love being alone, I love my leisure time as much! I always enjoy every second of happy time in my life.
Thing you need to know about me is that I don't like to become a follower. Follower is a kind of person who doesn't have their statement of life. I think, they also never enjoy they own life even appreciate their life as a thing that they should build. That's why I hate whoever copycat me :p because I also don't like to follow other people. I'm happy to be myself.
Basically, I don't do loving the arts, because I don't know essentially what art is. However, as a person who know how meaningful this life for the next life, I appreciate life as an art itself. In this world, we can see any kind of thing that have been developed by humans. Any kind of thoughts, concepts, new thing even always coming up.
I love my hands become so itchy of things around me. I like to be different in any kind of way! Just like my dormitory which is full of some kind of weird (other people says, maybe) things. Seems I want to decorate it to become a newly fresh even everyday. However, it's impossible for me to change it all day by day haha.
In this quick post, I also want to share a li'l bit part of my dormitory, places around me, and thing that I've captured in recent days. And I promise, I'll share every inch of my tiny room after I've done decorate it. Yupps, because that's not enough for me, I still need to decorate it to be perfectly decorated. Just like it's a room therapy that can heal the stress to face the life. Anddd, when you enjoy your life, you might be saying..Oh what a life!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Girls Wardrobe Essentials

It's time to check your closet! You're not stylish enough if you don't have these items on your wardrobe. So, here we go.

  • Tees in neutral color such as grey, white, black
  • Tanktops in neutral color (grey, white, black
  • White shirt
  • Cardigans

  • Jeans
  • Black pants
  • Pants in neutral color
  • Black skirt
  • Denim skirt

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Waiting On The Day

LDR is though. I've been through this almost a year. At the beginning, I believed that I can never face it. As the time goes on, it was not really hard, however if we feel alone and miss that person, we barely realize that we need someone to be here. Seems like, we need more than only texting or video call; meet.
Sometimes, I need friend to just accompany me wherever I want to discover my life here. It was like I lose somebody to accompany me doing eeevvverything I want to heal my stress, laugh loudly, boost my mood. Or just gripe to him about how hard this life is...
Then, I began to look for every person around me. Who are willing to be my friend, but not to become the one that I need to share the life for. However, I just need person to make me refresh my brain, because here I just feel like everything seems monotone when I miss him. And what happen with people? Some of my thoughts, thinks that it shouldn't be done with me.
What's going on? Some people just say I can't handle that all. However, I think I just want to make friend with every people. We're not going steady yet, because we're still young. We need to make friend as much as we can get. Doesn't mean, if I've already taken I couldn't look for another boy to become a friend. While, it's only a friend. Ordinary.
Now, I'm just waiting for the new life when he can always be in my side. And I don't need every kind of people anymore. They just have so much thoughts about status. Well, because some people just don't know what's the meaning of friend, nowadays..

Sunday, June 15, 2014

DIY: Scalloped Top

One thing I love to do when I become a college is that I can mix and match whatever is saved in my dresser and dressing like what I want and follow my mood also. One day, I feel so bored of what I'm wearing everyday. It seems like, I need something new. Then, I just looked at my dresser and was wondering why some of my clothes aren't wore. Instantly, I thought about, why don't we make something new by recycling the old one? The brilliant idea comes....
I found my old vintage dress and it less long, about 7 cm above my ankle. It was cute to be mixed with my semi blazer, however the length is too short for my leg.

I feel like it's all vintage, but........

It wasn't a perfect long dress anyway. It's also not funny if you wear a shorten-long dress to go to campus or just hang out. It makes me never wear it again. So, then my brain was blinking, then come an idea to make the new DIY (yeah finally, I got my DIY done again!!)

And here I'm gonna show you the steps:

  1. Measure how long you're gonna cut the dress with ruler.
  2. Cut the line that you've drew, be careful and make sure it's not tilt.
  3. Then, you have your dress cut
  4. Prepare something circle in its surface (such as glass, bottle, etc.) to be a mold for the scallop
  5. Put the glass on the new top
  6. Draw a less than a half circle (tips: before you draw a circle, you have to draw a line as a border, so that the scallop will have the same size.
  7. Done. It's better if you wanna sew it, but if not, it's fine too.

That was the result! Isn't that cute just like something new you've bought? Haha. Now you can feel something fresh in you dresser. For your information, a fresh thing in your dresser can influence your mood to dress. So, let's get dress a new vintage scallop top!

See ya at the next DIY post :D

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Review: Local Brand

Being Indonesian isn't enough if we only criticize its situation which nowadays -it can called- not really good enough. Every time I watch the news on TV, there are a lot of violence. Somebody killed somebody, ex boyfriend killed their ex girl. Mother killed her baby because they don't have any hopes to raise its baby. Even, I've ever watch, there was a member of State Defense who is killed by his gay mate. Then, rape is everywhere also. Molestation. What a crazy people. I think, they are don't have a good education enough, oh wait..not always, even a person who gets a higher education can do that. That's the morality problem. Who can fix? It's all back to ourselves.
Well, I might not continue to watch and start to watch cartoon. Meanwhile, Indonesia doesn't have any good TV shows that can be proud of. Really, except a cartoon. And cartoon also made in someone else's country. However, there's also a thing that can be proud, Indonesian has many young and talented generation and they (hopefully) can take Indonesia to be better with their inventions and their own creations. They create products which bring Indonesian culture in it, such as batik and ikat. This also one of the way to promote Indonesian culture. And here, I recommend one product that it's 100% Indonesia. Created by School of Business and Management ITB, WOODKA

Nowadays, many people not only love batik but also this ikat material from top, bottom, and the accessories. So many Indonesian brands also provide this kind of pattern. Yes, pattern, because most of those brands are only using the printed ikat pattern to their products. But, woodka tries to use the material of Ikat brought directly from Kalimantan and applied it to the strap of their watch. This is also a kind of unique product, because the watch itself are made from wood. A good combination between Ikat and wood. Now, woodka's collection not only with those interchangeable ikat strap. They also provide some others collection, if you wanna see more just click here