The Matter of Time

I'm on holiday!! And well finally my final exam of second semester has done on last 27 June and at that date also was the day where I should pick him at the airport!!!! Akkkkkk finally I can meet again ha ha ha *ignore. He never had a holiday actually, but he forced himself to go home and as can as possible, he should be home at the first day of ramadhan. And today, is the day where people should enjoy their first fasting. Let me throwback at two days ago...
Two days ago were a really really short day for me. I was through the whole day with him. At the night, 27 June where I've picked him and enjoyed until midnight to just share a thing and eat. Then, in the morning I've left my dorm to accompany him went around looked for things until afternoon, then we went to our own hometown. I went to my house, he went to his own house.
It was a short day, however actually we've spent so many times together. There were places I wanted to go with him, until it weren't accomplished because of the matter of time. I'm sure, LDR actors are feeling the same with me. Many times, places we've dreamed to go with him, unfortunately it can't be fulfilled easily. If only I could say, may I turn to the days back to the time where I and him in the same city? Then we can never think hard to decide when we should met :')
However, I'm still enjoying my holiday although it's not without him, but I'm with my family now. I can laugh loudly here, and it seems like an eternal happiness where we can laugh together, laugh a thing that actually it wasn't important, but we've shared a happiness. The happiness that we've never fould out there. We only can see here.
I also realized after I live alone to finish my study. How they are really important to me. I'm not a kind of person who can be easily homesick, miss them and really wanna go home. I actually can live here alone, can be independently doing everything alone also. I'm not afraid, if there I'm not with my dad or mother, then I couldn't catch a thing.
I have about two months of holiday and it's the time to run my mission. I have sooo many mission that I believe it can make my long holiday become not monotone. So, my holiday will not be monotone :D

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