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basic skincare toner

Dalam dunia skincare, toner sudah banyak dikenal. Pasti kalian juga sudah pakai kan? Kira-kira sudah tahu manfaat toner belum nih? Di Basic Skincare seri kali ini saya bakal membahas tentang toner dan kegunaannya. Siapa tahu ada yang masih belum paham tentang toner. πŸ˜œ

DIY: Reversible Mini Tote Bag Tutorial

DIY mini tote bag tutorial

I don't really like a tote bag, but I need a small bag with a big space which I can bring many things inside. Then, I thought of making a mini tote bag which I customize myself. I'm gonna show you guys how to make it. Guess what? This is my first ever sewing tutorial and I hope it's easy enough to follow.πŸ˜€And of course, you need to have basic sewing skill in order to follow this tutorial.
Sebenarnya, saya nggak begitu suka dengan Tote Bag, tapi karena saya butuh tas kecil yang bisa muat banyak, saya pun akhirnya membuat tas ini deh. Ada yang ingin membuatnya juga? Kali ini saya akan membuat tutorialnya nih. Semoga mudah untuk diikuti ya. Anyway, untuk membuat DIY Mini Tote Bag ini, kalian perlu menguasai basic sewing ya!

Quote of The Day

"It's hurt to finally in love with someone who loves you when he doesn't love you anymore"


Denial of The Deny

No matter how hard we try to erase our feelings, it won't successfully disappear. Feelings are not something that forces us, it will grow like a plant, naturally. We can't deny. I can't even deny or even force it. I never force my feelings. When it's time to stay, I will let it stays. When it hurts, I can't easily forget about it. I never try to move on since I can't do that. I choose to enjoy the feelings until it fades away. I like to enjoy my feelings. Enjoy whatever happens. I'm sure it will be gone in time and my heart will be cured eventually.  In reverse, I can't pretend to love someone whose I'm not in love with, no matter how much kindness the person shows to me. It's not that easy. However, I'm not gonna deny it if, in the end, I feel the feel. I won't ever regret the feelings, cause it's a part of blessings. I believe everything is already set. There's no coincidence, there's nothing missed.

That's how the feelings work. At least, that's what I believe.

Sincerely, me.

Hijabi's Wardrobe Essentials

Hijab Wardrobe Essentials

I am the one who believes that being stylish doesn't mean we need to get lots of clothing items or collect every trendy piece to our closet. The key is just to invest several essential items. Wearing hijab is also not something that stops you to look chic as well. Even modest fashion has just become a trend right now. So, here is my version of hijabi wardrobe essentials.
Saya merupakan orang yang percaya kalau menjadi stylish bukan berarti kalian harus mengikuti tren fashion yang ada. Untuk menjadi stylish kuncinya hanya memiliki item fashion yang essential. Menggunakan hijab pun bukan jadi halangan untuk kelihatan modis menurut saya. Bahkan, beberapa couture brand pun mendesain pakaian-pakaian khusus hijab yang buat tren fashion berhijab makin dikenal di dunia. Well, tanpa panjang lebar lagi, ini dia item-item fashion khusus hijaber yang harus ada di lemari kalian.