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HAUL: Althea Indonesia is BACK!

Bagi kalian yang menyukai produk-produk Korea, pasti tidak asing lagi dong dengan Althea, online store yang menjual berbagai produk kecantikan asal Korea. Memang sih, beberapa waktu lalu perusahaan online tersebut sempat bermasalah dengan bea cukai Indonesia, saya pun sampai meminta refund karena saking lamanya (berbulan-bulan) Althea Box yang saya pesan belum terkirim. Jujur, itu membuat saya kapok belanja di Althea pada saat. Tapi akhirnya, Althea Indonesia sudah membenahi sistemnya. Althea sudah kembali!

Mind Your Own Business (Part II)

How many people at least in this country concern about other people's problem rather than theirs? How many people are realized that they should mind their own business? I think only a few people who are respectful enough about it as I've been dealing with it a lot. I found a lot of people asking when am I gonna be married, (esp.) what I will be in the future, why didn't you be that you should've been that, or 'you look fatter', 'you look so thin, is your life going well?', and things like that without knowing how far I did things. The worst thing is that they don't really understand us neither have close enough relations.

I think it's very common in this country and probably the ones who ask won't realize that it's not what people should ask to other. They don't have to know the detail about our life. They'll never know if the person who's being asked are having a hard time, a lot struggle that's unseen by them. God only knows, but it'll make the person gets even sadder. Even, they don't really think about it.

People should know the limit and of course, they have to be rational enough to know which is called the 'limit'. Are they sure enough that what they say is not offending? Were they thinking about it? Will they think of the person? I mean, the person's feeling after what they say.

Like I said, people should be respectful enough not to mind other people's business. I guess, we ourselves have a lot of things to be doing. So, why spending time minding about others?

Well, I'm not perfect, surely I'm not. I am a person and I make mistakes too, but I wish I never offend people so that people won't offend me.

Mind Your Own Business

People that spend time looking for fault in others should spend time correcting their own
- Unknown

REVIEW: NARUKO Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Night Gelly EX

Ada yang suka dengan sleeping mask? Kalau iya, kalian pasti akan suka dengan produk yang satu ini. Sepertinya, banyak yang mengenal sleeping mask dari Laneige. Tapi, produk yang akan saya review kali ini bukan dari Korea, lho. Meski begitu, produknya nggak kalah bagus kok.

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