Sunday, July 30, 2017

Accidentally Twinning with My Twin Sister

Tomorrow is the weekend! Why don't you stay here while I'm giving you an outfit inspiration? Of wearing match outfit to go out on the weekend? Good Idea? Well, finally I post about fashion after (again and again) I post about beauty and stuff. This photo was actually taken in February when I went to Surabaya on a trip and extended to visit my relatives (and sister).
One day, we decided to go out, looking for some fresh air (and I was pretending to be a tourist). We didn't plan to wear the matching outfit at the time, but I think it's a good time to take #ootd photos with my sister.

I wore a blue overall culotte (but wearing it inside), with a vintage white blouse, and a black cami as the outerwear.

My sister wore a black culotte, a cream shirt, completed with a sleeveless outer.

Here is the palette...

We wore the same palette, as you see in the picture above, the color we wore wasn't the same. We wore the light color of the tops, dark for the outer and the bottom. For the bottom, we both wore the culotte, but mine is overall, and hers is pants. And again, accidentally, we wore the same color of bags. We both wore sneakers as well. How matching!
Twinning is not that hard, and we don't have to wear the exact clothes or even color to look matched each other. In my case, we don't wear anything that's exactly the same. We wear the similar items that we have (accidentally). It also can save your budget, just look into your closet and see which items are similar to your sister/friend. I can show you some tips to wear matching outfit:
  1. Don't have to wear exactly the same items, but wear the same layers like what we do.
  2. Match it with color.
  3. Wear matching accessories, such as bags, shoes, necklaces, watch, bracelet, etc.

That's pretty much it. It's super easy, isn't it?

Which one is the younger and the older? 😜

Sunday, July 23, 2017

PHOTO GALLERY - Spring in Taiwan - Tianyuan Temple 天元宮 (2016)

I guess it's gonna be only photo galleries of Spring in Taiwan, 2016. As you can tell, last year I went to Taiwan for the exchange program from my campus and right now I'm still missing those moments. I know, it's been 1 a half year more has passed, but those memories stay clearly in my mind...
Taiwan is a four season country, but fortunate-unfortunately (since I can't tell that snow is a good idea or not, it's cold. It's a bad idea. Well,) there is no snow unless you want to go to the top of the mountain, you'll find the snow there.
Last year, I don't exactly remember when. It's in the beginning of April if I'm not mistaken but it wasn't Spring break yet. I went to Tianyuan Temple, to see Sakura! This was the first time I saw the Sakura.
I live in Danshui, New Taipei, luckily, Tianyuan Temple is located in the same city where I live. However, I need to take a bus to go there. I guess a bus number 875, I don't exactly remember.

I went there with Misaki, my Japanese friend. Here is where we waited for the bus that took us to the temple. We need to walk from the dorm to go here. It's around 500 m. Not too far, I walk a lot in Taiwan, I wasn't like an Indonesian. If you know what I mean. LOL.


Here is the Sakura!

A photo of us taken by my new Indonesian friend
The blurry photo of Sakura

The Temple...

Took on the second floor

It was on Sakura Festival in Tianyuan Temple and we went there on Sunday. There were many people visited there. Like, too crowded. That's why you find many (not really) photo bombers on my photo. LOL.
Since it was a holiday, I also find many people with hijab, that indicates they are (not only Muslim but) Indonesian. I got acquainted with two Indonesian students who study in one of the University in Taipei. They asked me to take the photos of them, and so did I. I also asked their Line account and asked them to invite me on their Spring break trip but the fact is I didn't text them until now. I'm really sorry. LOL. I'm the one who asked them, but also me the one who didn't do that...
Funny thing again, I met a Taiwanese gentleman and greet me with "Assalamu'alaikum" (greeting in Islam) but with not a good pronunciation. I was surprised. LOL. I smiled to him, and he said that he knew I am Indonesian. LOL. I think because there are a lot of Indonesian labors in Taiwan until he noticed that I am Indonesian...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

REVIEW: Mizzu Eye Base Essentials

Aku memang termasuk baru dalam dunia per-makeup-an. Tapi, aku sudah mau sok-sokan ingin makeup-an sendiri untuk wisuda bulan Oktober nanti. Hehe. Produk makeupku juga sudah lumayan lengkap menurutku, jadi aku berani-berani saja memutuskan untuk makeup-an sendiri saat wisuda nanti. Aku berani memutuskan hal itu juga karena aku sudah melakukan "trial" pada wajahku bulan Januari kemarin, saat ada acara prom night angkatan di kampusku. Menurutku, makeup yang kupakai juga cukup untuk tidak "malu-maluin" diri sendiri. LOL. Sayangnya, yang aku lihat dari makeup prom night kemarin, sepertinya eyeshadownya kurang menyala dan tidak bertahan lama. That's why I need an eye base or eye primer. Luckily, aku sempat nonton video haulnya Abell Cantika dan dia sempat menyebutkan eye base dari local brand, yaitu Mizzu Eye Base. Wow. Akhirnya, aku menemukan eye base, dari brand lokal lagi! Tanpa pikir panjang, aku mencari produk tersebut dan kahirnya aku membelinya.

Ya, akhirnya aku bisa mereview produk lokal lagi! Sekarang ini banyak sekali brand Indonesia yang melaunching brand mereka dan produk mereka juga bagus dengan packaging yang bagus juga. Kalian bisa lihat gambar di bawah ini #produIndonesian. Akhirnya, aku bisa punya banyak produk lokal. And can you tll how cute thebox is? I can't enough. Seperti biasanya, produk lokal juga sangat terjangkau. Eye base Mizzu ini hanya berharga IDR 67.000 atau sekitar 5 US$.

Tidak hanya packagingnya yang cute produknya pun juga berkualitas. Sebelum aku membeli produk ini, seperti biasa, aku mencari ulasan-ulasan oleh para blogger terlebih dahulu. Kebanyakan dari mereka mengatakan bahwa produk ini adalah eye base yang bagus yang bisa menahan eye shadow kita stays in place. Aku setuju, makanya aku membuat ulasan tentang produk ini.

Jadi, ini dia eye shadow basenya. Tempatnya seperti liquid lipstik, aplikatornya pun sangat menyerupai. Tapi, sangat mudah untuk diaplikasikan. Kita hanya men-tap tap-kan di kelopak mata menggunakan aplikator, lalu meratakannya dengan jari.

Seperti yang kalian lihat di atas, memang sepertinya eye shadow base ini berwarna seperti concealer. Tapi, setelah kalian mengaplikasikan ke kelopak mata, warnanya transparan Jadi, jangan khawatir. Teksturnya pun berbeda dengan concelaer. Eye shadow base ini lebih cair dan ketika diaplikasikan menjadi transparan alias tidak berwarna. It's obviously suits every skin tone.

Produk ini dapat membuat eyeshadow kita menjadi lebih pigimented. Eyeshadow yang kupunya adalah L.A Girl Nude Palette. Eyeshadow ini aslinya memang lumayan pigmented, sayangnya setelah dipakai di kelopak mata tanpa eye base, eyeshadownya akan cepat hilang. Setelah aku mencobanya di tangan dengan menggunakan eye base, warna shimmer dari eyeshadow paletku menjadi lebih shimmer dan lebih pigmented. Dan pastinya lebih tahan lama. Jadi, mungkin cara kerja eye base itu seperti lem yang akan merekatkan kulit dengan eyeshadow. Di bawah ini adalah perbandingan eyeshadow dengan dan tanpa eye base:

Secara keseluruhan, produk ini worth to buy sih. Karena ini adalah eye base pertamaku, aku belum bisa membandingkannya dengan produk lain. Apakah ada produk lain yang kalian tahu dan lebih bagus? Let me know! Tapi, produk ini lumayan bagus. Worth to try juga untuk kalian yang sedang belajar make up karena harganya lumayan terjangkau. Setelah aku membeli eye base, aku sepertinya tidak bisa lepas dari eye base. Aku baru menyadari kalau eye base sangat penting untuk make up mata yang sempurna. Plus, ini juga bisa digunakan untuk eyeliner agar tahan lama!

+ Membuat eyeshadow tahan lama
+ Membuat eyeshadow lebih pigmented
+ Setelah diaplikasikan, warnanya transparan
+ Harganya murah

IDR 67.000

Tempat membeli:
Online store
Stand Mizzu/toko kosmetik

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cara Menjaga Bibir Lembab Sepanjang Hari

I used to have a very dry and chapped lips. I already applied lip balm on my lips to keep my lips moist, it would always turn to be dried in a minute.  Been using this and that type of lip balm, but it wasn't going better. When I use a matte lipstick, it also will look bad since there will be some lines in my lips. It didn't look good at all (and looked not healthy as well).
I've read in an article that dry and chapped lips can cause our lips darker. It's true, my lips were so much darker at that time. Moreover, I had never cared about my lips before I started using lip balm around three years ago (which also didn't solve any problem of my lips).
Then, my friend asked me to buy a lip scrub together that I wished it would help my lips problem. If you read my lip essentials post, you might be familiar with Gulaco, a handmade lip scrub that I used to help reduced my dry and chapped lips. The thing that made me feel doubt to repurchase is that the day when I didn't apply it, my lips will be dried. The fact, it could reduce it but, it can't be used everyday since it's not 100% natural. Although the product claim is natural but, it still contains preservatives that I can't use it everyday. It only can be used maximum thrice a week.

So, I thought about, why didn't I make it my own lip scrub? I browsed through internet and found out that sugar + honey can be used as a 100% natural lip scrub. Since then, I always apply it twice a day every time I take a bath (Indonesians do the bath twice). Since it's natural, I don't need to worry to use it everyday. And my lips still is moist even if I don't use it for 1 or 2 day(s).
Based on what I read on the internet, sugar can be used to exfoliate our skin, while honey will brighten, and moisturize the skin. It's the perfect combination. By using this mask, my lips look lighter than before. The most important thing is I can use any matte lipstick without afraid that my lips will get dried after that.

You can make your own lip scrub at home like me. What you need is only sugar and honey (raw honey is better). I use raw honey, and it gets my lips moist everyday. Raw honey also can lighten your skin faster (based on my experience). The above picture is the texture of the lip scrub I made. Basically, you can just make it to whichever consistency you want, as long as it's not too liquid or too condensed. It can be saved until 3 months or less.

And here is how I use the scrub:

  1. Wet your lips with a clean water
  2. Apply the scrub on top lips, and rub gently around 1 - 3 minutes
  3. After rubbed, apply honey as a mask. Leave it for a few seconds, then rinse with water
  4. Apply lip balm.

It's a must to apply lip balm after doing the scrub to keep your lips moist. If it's not, your lips gonna dry as the scrub has exfoliated your lips that makes it lost its moisture. But no need to worry, after you apply lip balm, you lips will be moisturized all day.
The bonus if you're doing this everyday is it can lighten your skin. It does work on me, my lips get lighter. It will work better if you add lemon to it as lemon can also lighten dark lips. However, as always, the key is to use it regularly and as this is is natural way, it takes time to make your lips look lighter.

So, to keep our lips moisturized all day, all we need is scrubbing our lips regularly using sugar+honey. It's cheap and easy. I think everyone can do it easily at home. After I scrub my lips twice everyday, I notice that my lips is not as dry and chapped as before, my lips even look healthy and moisturized well. It's a huge improvement for me as dry and chapped lips is one of my serious problem. LOL. Like, previously I was living with my dry lips and I didn't know what to do; I thought, I would have dry and chapped lips forever, and I was wrong. I found this scrub very helpful! Hopefully, it will be helpful for you too, and happy trying!