Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's Been 2 Years

It's been two years, and nobody knows who actually deserve. There are a lot of misunderstandings that can't be recovered. This is what makes us think hard to make it clear, and at least to make people not to think that we are the one to blame. It's just about wishing that everybody knows the true stories, not what people heard from mouth to mouth and nobody's gonna responsible for it. Because it just goes from time to time, and each mouth might produce different outputs that may result in a different conclusion.
I've been thinking of my life around 3 years ago when I was in my 11th grade of High School, and when I was the one to blame while everybody agreed of the things they receive from mouth to mouth (which was not always true). And it's still clearly remembered by her, obviously. Where all eyes see me I was the 'robber', whoever people will say I'll be getting a karma.
The fact is that people don't know the truth and what actually happened until now but they don't really care about it. They don't care about the truth. All they ever care is just what the rumor says.
I know it has been 3 years. However, my life is still haunted by those people who never wanna care about the fact and likely to see me as the one to blame. Well, I think it's unfair. It is. There might be the fact that she also never notice, that all she gets now is the reflection of the way she got him. It's like karma for her but she doesn't realize cause her eyes and minds are so blind blaming me.

I also never have an intention to steal. I think she knew it at the beginning. However, maybe her mind is blinding now. So, she keeps blaming me.

I also never expected this would happen. Nobody knows the future, anybody? But my feeling grows unexpectedly. So, whose to blame? My feeling? I got it from God. Should you blame God? You never fake a feeling anyway.

I know it's probably a karma for me too. When she was on my side, I used to really hate him since he was. He's done wrong. But I never expect that the feeling comes to me one year after that. And a year after, isn't it a long time? Is she his anymore?

Just want to make it clear

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sail, sail

I always love nature recently. When it comes to the vacation, I prefer to go to the place where I could find so many trees, grasses, and sceneries. It makes me breath deeper, not because of feeling blue, but I can feel how fresh is the air. I've been wanting for living in a green place.
But, this time is not only about green place. I could sail! Haha. It was a place near Kalibiru, the hill I've ever visited and posted here. And it was the biggest dam in Yogyakarta, called Sermo. I went there last Sunday, 7 December, 2014

There's a small ship took us sail around the Waduk Sermo, and we sit in the front, the captain is behind us :p

 I love capturing corners! Those were taken at the "Gending Resto", the only restaurant in Waduk Sermo where we can see Waduk Sermo from above, since the restaurant is built with a high stairs, and it was perffeeect to see the dam.

 I can't stop capturing. Haha. And we also stopped by the Kalibiru for awhile...

Psss, bonus pict :p

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Little Yogyakarta Trip

When Lucedale had a damnably exciting trip to Japan, I had also a trip though it's only around Yogyakarta. Last October --well, so sorry for postponing this post too long--, my cousin were having a little free time and she could fly to Jogja and meet me, though it was only a day and the other day before she spent with her friends.
At first, I had no idea where will we go, until then I remember that I haven't explore the greatness of Yogyakarta by seeing its historical tourist place. And I set my mind to be a historical student (pretend it, I will just give you a short history learning :p ) You know where we go? Let's see, the first place is...

Yaayy, right! So, welcome to the Vredeburg Fortress Museum. If you've ever been to Jogja and visited Malioboro, this Fort may be a familiar for you. It's located in the south of Malioboro and near the traffic lamp, and of course, if you've ever been to Malioboro, you've also ever passed this fort since it is a one way street.
It's a must for people who like history as well as the strategic location of this fortress. It's no one never come to Malioboro when you visit Yogyakarta, right? Well, as an Indonesian, this fortress museum tell much enough about the process of our country to be independent. It was built by the Dutch Government when Sultan Hamengku Buwono I led. There are four dioramas, and you only need a little time to go around all the dioramas cause Vredeburg is not too big. But, if you need to be serious to read and understand the means of each dioramas, it can take three ours more.

Second place goes to....

Tamansari Water Castle. It is located in the heart of the city, near by the Keraton, precisely less than 1 km of West Keraton. It is also a historical place. You see the green water at the picture, right? It was said as a pool where the Queen bathing. I don't know it's real or it was fake. Haha. But the history tells that it was a swimming pool where only sultan's women can frolic there.

Anyway, there also one place really near by this Castle, it's in one complex. It's a Tamansari underground mosque. But you have to be accompanied by guide unless you will be confused and ask people many times in every crossroads.

It was a delightful trip where we can know a lil bit history of our nation and it's never being so old school to visit historical places such as museums and castles just like what I've done tell to you. Since, every places have each historical side to tell, and what we need to do is not to understand it, it's enough to just knowing it and to realize that we have sooo many unique histories which make this country be colorful, more, and differs. As our motto, "unity in diversity". And it can tell how you really love our Indonesia ;)