Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Review: EMINA Eye Do! Crayon Pour Les Yeux Liner Black

Hi, I'm back! Today is the third day of Eid Fitr, so let me say 'minal aidin wal faidzin'. May our prays and good things we did in Ramadan is accepted by God. Eid mubarak! Time to celebrate with family and friends.
This time, I'm gonna post a review of an eyeliner! It is one of the inside Emina package I got from the blogger gathering. To be honest, I prefer a gel liner, because I like its texture but, usually it's more expensive than other types of eyeliner. Surprisingly, the texture of Emina Eye Do! Crayon Liner is similar with my favorite gel liner. It's creamy!

Emina is Indonesian brand with a cute and fresh packaging. If you heard about Wardah or Make Over, Emina is a part of their family. I guess, Emina is more like dedicated for teenagers by its cute packaging. Emina also has a few skincare products that worth to buy. The price of both (cosmetics or skincare) is relatively cheap for Indonesian.
Visit their website to know more: www.eminacosmetics.com


Emina Eye Do! Crayon Liner has 3 different colors; black, brown, and purple. I have mine in black.  It's perfect for any occasion with its creamy texture. You can just create whatever look you want. If we see the packaging, there's nothing special, but when we open it, there are more than only the crayon. This product in one side has the crayon liner, while in another side it has the smudger which is made by the hard sponge that can help us to smudge the eyeliner to create a smokey finish. On the inside of the smudger, we also can find the sharpener for the crayon. It's all in one. See the picture below to see the packaging (click to enlarge).

The picture below is the first time I use and swatch it after I opened the packaging for the first time. As I've mentioned above, the texture is creamy. You can tell it if you see the picture below. When I apply it to the eye, it results the jet black, and I love this <3 However, when I swatch the product on my hand, it doesn't show its jet black color. The result is similar to the gel liner I had before.

Overall, I like this product, plus, I love the box! It's just cute, and as a local product, I think Emina is one of the brands that consider a good packaging will attract people more. However, it doesn't only good in the packaging, but the quality as well. I was surprised by the first time I used this product. I thought, it would result a thicker line. So, I was just instantly in love with this product at the first sight. LOL. The shape of the crayon is also making easy to use. I use it very easy, I still am considered as a newbie. So, if I say easy, means it's super easy for you guys! *definitely*. Plus, again, I'm in love with the texture! I've ever swore myself to only buy a gel liner for my life time, but I was wrong. The creamy texture of Emina Eye Do! Crayon Liner makes me change my mind. And after I swatch and use for several times, I can conclude this product:
  • Has a creamy texture
  • Can create a thin liner
  • Easy to use
  • Can create a smokey finish
  • Can be used for daily or party
  • All in one!
  • Good packaging
  • Worth to buy


IDR 60.000 / USD 4.51

Yes, but I want to try other products.

Definitely, it's a yes! I recommend this product when my friend ask me which eyeliner is worth to buy.

In Indonesia, you can buy this product at Emina counter. I think it's quite easy to find everywhere. But if you want to buy online, you can buy this product on Sociolla. And since my blog has partnership with the website, I will inform you that you can get IDR 50.000 discount if you purchase more than IDR 250.000 by inserting SBNLA0N in the checkout box! Ps, it ships worldwide!

This is not a sponsored post, I made an honest review of the product above

Sunday, 4 June 2017

REVIEW: Kissui BriSea Vital Moisture Ampoule Perfect-Kit Mask

Recently, I've been regularly using sheet mask for my weekly treatment. I like to do treatment with mask. I usually have my DIY green tea mask and clay mask for once or twice a week (each). I also have some stocks of sheet masks but, I rarely use it. So, I decided to do the sheet mask treatment every week. There are some brands of sheet masks that I have, but mostly I bought in Taiwan (if you read my post about Taiwan haul here and here, you might already know it).

This week, I use Kissui sheet mask from Taiwan that I got it free. If you read this post, you might be knowing that I've got a free mask after I bought several products in Cosmed Taiwan. It was around a year ago and I haven't use it until today. Haha.

So, I didn't expect that this sheet mask has several layers -_- and I didn't know how to use it until I have to ask my Taiwanese friend to help me read the direction that is shown behind the packaging. LOL.

By the help of my friend, I found out that it has three layers, but I only should use one of it which is the middle one. The first layer was the typical sheet mask cover to protect its shape, the second is the mask, and the third (the blue one) is to help us applying the sheet mask easier on to the face.

The sheet mask is thinner than the other sheet masks I've ever used. Probably, that's the reason why the blue layer exist. LOL. It's so helpful, indeed. Cz, without the blue layer, it's kinda hard to apply the sheet mask on to the face.

Recently, my face has been a little dry, since I didn't take care really well after I got sick. So, I choose this sheet mask (among all sheet masks I have) cause I need to moisturize my skin. This mask is not only moisturizing but it can brighten my skin instantly. After I use this mask, my face becomes so smooth, cleaner, and brighter. Too bad I can't show you the before-after picture. I did capture it but, I didn't wear scarf so I can't post it here :( But overall, this mask is pretty good. It's just a little bit sticky-feeling on my face after I release the sheet. However, it doesn't really that bad.

+ Moisturizes well
+ Brighten my face
+ Makes my face looks cleaner
+ Makes my face smoother
- A little too sticky

Honestly, I didn't really know about this brand since I got this free. What I know is this product is a Taiwanese brand that worth to try. This might be a new brand from Taiwan cause I didn't get a lot information after I searched for this mask on google. Do you guys know about this brand? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comment below :)

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Make Your Own Cushion Foundation (DIY Cushion Foundation)

Cushion right now is happening. This beauty innovation from Korea can attract beauty enthusiasts to (at least, just) try this product. The fact that cushion is more simple to use, it makes most girls would like it. And me too..
Now there are many brands offer this new invention in make up. Not only Korean brands, but western cosmetic brands also offer the cushion products. The products are also varied, from BB Cushion, CC Cushion, until Cushion Foundation. There are literally a lot to choose. Hmm.. Perhaps, are you too confused to choose between all of them even after search for the reviews? I got the idea, why don't we make our own Cushion? So, here it is, I'm gonna show you how..

The first thing you need is a Cushion case. I have one that I bought at Althea, a Korean beauty e-commerce that ships to Indonesia (as well as Malaysia and some Southeast Asian countries). I got it from "It's My" brand for only around IDR 60.000. It's super cheap, I know. Other Korean brand I know that also sell Cushion is Innisfree. Innisfree has hundreds of cute Cushion case that you can choose what you like but the price is a little higher than It's My Cushion case. I bought this Cushion case around a year ago before Innisfree sells their new Cushion case.

It's My Cushion case have some choices of colors and design, but I choose this black, because it's just simple and elegant. This Cushion case is included with the container, sponge, and its puff. So, you don't need to buy it separately. From what I know, the new Cushion case from Innisfree has separate the container and the case, so we have to buy it separately.

Since it's DIY, the other things you need are your own cosmetics. This time, I fill the Cushion case with Foundation and Steam Cream. You can customize it yourself. I've done some other formulas; such as BB Cream + Sunscreen + Essence, or CC Cream + Sunscreen + Moisturizer/Serum. Actually, if you add Sunscreen nor Moisturizer or Serum, you can minimize the time of layering the skincare. So, you don't need to apply Sunscreen or Moisturizer before. It safes your time!

I use Revlon Colorstay Foundation for normal/oily skin which has a matte result, but I like to do a dewy make up (but the fact that I have an oily/combination skin). Then I added the Steam Cream that contains Argan Oil from Secret Key. I really like to use this Steam Cream as my moisturizer, actually. However, the Steam Cream also fits perfectly with my Foundation. It creates a perfect dewy finish without getting too oily, since I use a matte Foundation.

Here are the steps:

  1. Release the container from the case
  2. Fill up the container with Foundation and Steam Cream without removing the sponge. Ration 2:1 for the Foundation.
  3. Mix and stir, both the Foundation and Steam Cream with cotton buds. Then push them until it disappears from the surface (see picture number 4).
  4. Ready to apply!

I used to remove sponge and insert the cosmetics in but in the end, the foundation didn't pop out well on the puff. However, after I fill it without removing the sponge out, the Foundation will appear fully in the puff like the picture above.

Don't forget to check the consistency of the DIY Cushion Foundation you made. Honestly, the Foundation that I have (Revlon Colorstay Foundation) has the high coverage; however, if it's turned into Cushion, it doesn't have high coverage anymore since I've been mixed it with the Steam Cream. But it's perfect for daily use anyway.

So, do you want to make your own Cushion like me?

I hope my post is helpful and happy trying!