Monday, August 24, 2015

Golden Hour

I really like fashion since I was a kid, it was because of my mom loves clothes too. She likes to sew her own clothes since she was High School, and it then made me want to learn how to sew. So, it was a year I learned how to sew in my hometown, it haven't done yet since I have to wait until my holiday come.

Although my sewing class hasn't done yet, I've been sewing many clothes, in many different models and materials. I think, sewing is not that hard, you just gotta love it, and the idea will come to your mind. Since then, I never bought a clothes again, all I need is to buy materials, materials, and materials again. doesn't mean I never bought anything else then, I still love to pick the best shoes and bags to bring home. Xixi.

That culotte also is not a new one, it's my aunt's that she gives to me because she's getting fatter. Haha. You see, it's not always needed much money to be looked stylish. To follow the trend also not that hard. I like to style by my own, but doesn't mean I become like hipster, stay away from the "in" thing.

It doesn't mean you have to follow the trend always and always, but no one says follow the trend is prohibited, yeah? Just how you manage it and still being your own on it. But if it's too hard to follow, then just don't follow it. Life is simple actually, if you think simple too.

So, about the background, it was a park in my High School, yups..How I miss this school, with all the good and bad memories. It's been about 3 years since I graduated and I haven't come here again, then when I went there I see lot things change. That's a life.

this is one of my besties since Junior High School, her name is Isna

Zahra, Nisa, Silvi, Me, and Isna

I came to my Senior High School with these people to celebrate its 57 years established. It was so much fun, so many old friends there that brings also old memories that should we never forget. Even thought, there's not always happy things happen, and you just have to remember that life is both about happy and sad, so keep breathing and chase dreams!!

Meet my pretty gals too, Gayuh and Seja

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Eid Fitr Outfit: Day 2

In the second day of Eid Fitr, I was wearing a casual outfit. I combined soft pink and light tosca to be one.

The tops I was wearing is sewed by myself, it's a batwing style and I added basic turtle neck long sleeves top for inner.

Basically in Eid Fitr, people will wear a dress or something more feminine/formal. But, why don't we try something new? We can also wear a casual style to attend the event in the Eid Fitr to meet your families, for example. And remember, you still have to wear a neat outfit if you will attend a 'halal bihalal' meeting. It's simply only being you, and you're confident with what you wear.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Life's hard? You've Gotta Through That, tho

It's been years since I was graduated from High School, the most beautiful part of life (most people say). It might be right, cause it was the time you'll never experience again, it's a different situation than the other time. Indeed. However, it's not always be as good as they say. I mean, life's not always be straight as you might see in your dream, and if it's dream, you gotta wake up, dude! It's not happening for a long time, though.
It's not that I've got bullied or something so sad. Haha. It's not that sad. It's just about how we face life with each different perspective in people's mind. Some people may always get lucky, surrounded by cool people, good life, much money, existence, and so on and so forth. That you may realize all they do is for something.....well, wait, for what? To get a sympathy? To be known as good people? To deserve all that things? Or to gain an imaging?
I really don't understand with people nowadays, especially, for people around me. They will do everything to get some "imaging" to other people to be "looked good" but basically not. It's kinda like force something they can't really do. It seems like, it makes me think, "it's not really you". People fake something to gain "something more", basically.
Indeed, people have each purposes in life, until you might find your friends come to you to get only benefits from you, not to be your "true" friend. It becomes sooo many people like this today. Well, I don't know why. Why could people change this fast? Somehow, people get this wrong, people now can easily fake it. You can pretend to be a good friend while actually you're not. And it happens to me. The word "best friends" is not that easy to determine. It's not like, we like same thing, or we came from same class, we often hang out together, then simply called as best friends.
Best friends are much more than that. For me, to be a best friend for your friends is hard. You gotta know your friends deeper, you got to be there if your friends need you, and it's not about you give, and they only take, It's not like zero sum game or something, but it's a give-give relation, because we need each other, and we gotta help each other. Not that easy, when we can easily forget that, never meet a long time, and we pretend to care. Best friends aren't that simple. It's not about pretending to be like.
So, is it wrong to stay away from friends that in fact they pretend to know us acting like good in front, while it's gossiping around behind? I think it's better to stay away, rather than to fake myself. It doesn't mean like we cut the relations as friend, we only need to keep the distance away and not too close. I mean, not pretending to close, while we are not. If you agree, you might get it right, but this post doesn't create to make a controversy. I'm just giving my opinion, you may have your own perspective anyway :)

Thanks for reading my post...