Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ethnic, Goes Ethnic

Following the trend sometimes become a behaviour of a girl, but usually I tend to wear stuffs I like. It makes me comfort though, rather than follow the trend then when it doesnt be a trend anymore, I never use it again. Instead, when we don't follow the trend we can freely dress with any kind of stuffs we like or we have without worrying about out of date.
I like to wear red recently, and it makes me look confident. Remember that red is a symbol of courage, when it comes to a bravery, it goes to red. I like to be a red girl sometimes, because by wearing red I could also be brave. It such a signal or a match reminder.

Ethnic pants is now becoming a trend. I think, it's not a fault when I also follow it as a part of my daily outfit. We know that those kind of pattern can be so Indonesian, and by wearing that ethnic pants I think I'm becoming a diplomat, where diplomat is a person who are (one of the things) introducing our culture to the world. So, with fashion we can also be a diplomat, a way to be. However, my actual future is not gonna be a diplomat :)
Btw, I'm running a mission and it goes to increase and increase. Such a great progress, and sure I will make it done. I'm taking my concern full on it, and all you gotta do is..wish me! :p

New Blog Layout

Hey! Meet me again after an almost-a-month-journey-to-get-fitting-up-my-blog-template hahahaha..Finally, though it hasn't done yet, but I got my blog -finally- customized! Maximized my really bad HTML and CSS skill, here you can see what's the difference.
Basically, I wanted to applied a clear and white template, I've tried to applied basic themes provided by Blogger itself and tried to edit a little look to make it good. However after I've tried, because of my inconsistent mind, then I intended to download a free template so that I couldn't very dizzy to change my blog's look. Actually, I've been looking for a free template in which almost all of them suits the blog, however I still didn't satisfied because I couldn't adjust the post and sidebar width, some of them also make me couldn't customize the colors I wanted.
Then again, I've applied basic blogger template. Tried it one by one, and choose which one I like the most. My mind intended to try editing a little html of the basic template and with full of my patience, I tried. I also looked for any inspirations. Looked for it on Google randomly. Well, it didn't really random if I typed the keywords correctly. I found so many new blogs that inspired me a lot! One of the most inspiring blog is It's actually not a blog, however, it sells some template for women and it was really really fashionable! Don't believe me? Just check it :) and if you mind to buy, just buy and I believe that u'll never regret to buy hehe.
I also looked for some blogs with full of some tips and tricks,such as Blog BulkBloggingtipsandtrix, Eliteblogpress, City Girl Searching and some others blog I've forget the name because I've found so many useful blogs with so many useful tricks. And here's the result! I haven't done yet and still want to build it again to make it looks better. :)