Monday, July 27, 2015

Eid Fitr Outfit: Day 1

Hello everyone! It's been a while, and I'm sorry if it's quite late to say Minal Aidin Walfaidin, and Happy Eid Mubarak! Well, better late than never, isn't? You may be asking where I've been since I seem inactive to post or to say happy Eid, yeah me was just sick and it forced me to stay in bed. Alright, so this post I'm gonna show you an updated outfit, I've worn in my Eid Fitr on las 17 July...aand here we go.....

This time, I picked monochrome as my theme, I paired Patterned Scarves in Black + White Lace Tops + White A-line Skirt + Basic Black Vest + Black Flats and then it's done! It turns out to be monochrome.

Well actually, I wished to had a white on white outfit in the first day of Eid, unfortunately because of the limit of time, I can't make it since I've decided to sew it my own. I mean, in this outfit, only the A-line Skirt. Hehe.

So, it should be a White Vest I worn that day. Actually, I planned my second White on White outfit by replacing White Vest with a White Pashmina, but I thought then, I still have a Black Vest and it could be a savior and it becomes a savior indeed, thought it has changed the theme.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Typical Summer Bedroom

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It's summer! How's your summer going? Need a perfect atmosphere? Summer is always awaited, and it becomes a perfect holiday for everyone. A hot weather in Summer will be enjoyed by many people. But, how you define your mood in a Summer? Or, are you gonna play Calvin Harris' Summer song on your iPod? Basically, your sleep will define your good day in a summer. It starts with your good sleep.

To start your day in a hot weather of Summer, good sleep is a crucial thing. So how do you prepare your good sleep? For me, to have a perfect summer bedroom can make your sleep really tight. It will make you relax as your room is your sweet sweet favorite place to release all the busy thing that you may face in that day. You may design your own as you want, as it's your place. and it's gonna be a therapy also to treat yourself. Here I'm gonna share some tips to start making a perfect summer bedroom, and as I love vintage, here I share the sample photos in modern-vintage style of bedroom.

Adding light color to your bedroom
Choose a cool and light color such as sky blue, mint green, white, and lavender. A cool color will absorb the hot atmosphere that is produced during the summer. It creates fresh and bright room. When you have these colors on your bedroom, you'll definitely have a tight sleep everyday during the summer.
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Adding plant(s) in your bedroom
Plants will add a 'fresh' and calming situation during the summer, and will make a good sleep. Trust me! :p
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Remove thick rugs
In winter, rugs is really needed to make it warm, but in summer of course this stuffs should be removed and saved to your storage. Don't forget also to minimize stuffs added to your room. In summer we need a light and much space to get more fresh air enter your room.
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Add light cover for your bed
It's the last and the most important thing. Your bed should be covered by a light and simple stuffs. Start from the duvet, top sheets, and the pillowcase. No need a colorful or patterned, the bed for summer is better to have a plain and light cover. You can choose any color you want, but the most important thing is the materials, it has to be soft, and slender. The best choice for purchasing all this bedding set you need in summer is at They provides high quality of materials, and for me, the egyptian cotton is perfect for summer. The colors aren't too much, and I prefer slate color to be added in my bedroom. Just go to this website to see more colors, and more materials. Psst, they're not only provide beddings for summer, but also for the cool weather.

So, those are my tips for making a bedroom in summer and to get your sleep better. Your day will be so fresh and ready  to enjoy the summer and holidays.