Monday, December 23, 2013

Current Obsessions

Have you heard now I'm a college student? Life has been great! Thought I need to learn a lot, still. However, there are 2 things that become my obsession now. I don't know why.


Currently, I'm eager to learn German again. I learnt it at Senior High actually, but I don't have time to learn it more know, we got a lot of subjects to learn at Senior High. I also would like to learn French, but I guess, later. I still have a German book so I can learn it again for free. Well, this was actually not a book, but the soft copy of the materials I have that I printed.

I learn German in 3 years and still, the words that I remember is only "Ich Liebe Dich". Hahaha. No, I'm just kidding, I just forgot it all so I think I need to learn it again.

  • Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Camera

Don't question why I prefer Samsung NX300 mirrorless rather than Nikon or Canon (which everybody's favourite). But...I just love the design of this camera. It's vintage.


It's a mirrorless camera which is easier to operate, especially for a person who doesn't really know about "the camera" like me. It's similar to DSLR camera but lighter, thinner, and easier. Unfortunately, this costs quite pricey, around IDR 7500K. Can somebody buy me this, please? Haha.

So, that's all my current obsession. Do you have a current obsession? Why don't you share it?

Monday, December 16, 2013

People Can Never Escape from Their Past

The past is just the past. 
We couldn't take it back or even change it. 
We can't even escape it. Escape? From the past? We can't. 
You will never be a better person if you never learn from your past. 
The past, on the other side, is important. Not to regret about, to learn it. 
We can't erase it from the memory, sometimes. 
Then, take it as a learn so we won't repeat it again if it's wrong. 
As a person, we have to be better each day and the past can be a lesson. 
So, there's no need to regret the past. 
Well, okay, you might ever regret it, but don't do it again. 
Take it as a lesson for you to be better.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ignore It

Because life is wierd. And mess. And finally it's not an easy to hold something we've had.. This is what shouldn't happen to me. And almost every single night i can feel that dream. I ever feel and enjoy it without guilty, and somebody suddenly tell me i was wrong. That should never appear in my mind. I never think, how stupid i am to give that hope, to somebody that might be feel "something strange" until he realize me. And it is still not enough, how come the dream still irritate my sleep? I shouldn't end all that i've been holding to for several long, to find somebody out there who i don't know, whether i can comfortable with or not. While, it's all my promises which is i've done no hesitant. All that we've ever said together. All my hopes and dreams. Remember that, to reach this, we need much sacrifices. It's hard to be here, to be this way, now. Because it trough a long process until we get here. So that i don't wanna broke the promises that i conviced, it never happen :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My New Favorite Singer: KIMBRA

Have you heard of Kimbra, a newcomer singer from Australia? If you ever listen to Gotye's song or you're the fans of Gotye, you might know Kimbra. She's his duet partner of the song "Somebody that I used to know". Kimbra is a New Zealander who has a really good tallent. She has her own character. Her first song, "Deep for You" in 2005, is indeed different from Kimbra's genre today, but I still kinda like it. Her debut album, Vows (launched on 29 August 2011) is representing the new image of Kimbra in the music industry. The album also brought her to be one step closer as an international singer as it's released in North America on 22 May 2012.

If you kinda like indie with a bit jazz and rock, you might like her songs (and herself too). Like I said, Kimbra has her own character now and I really like her. Her vocal is also different, she has a strong character. And, and her so vintage! That's one of the things that makes me like her! LOL. But, seriously? She's so vintage with her red lipstick and that messy bob hairstyle.

You wanna listen to her songs? Well, I have my favorite(s) that I can recommend to you. Try to listen "Settle Down", it's one of the singles from the album "Vow". I also like "Two Way Street", "Posse", and "Warrior".

When you listen to her song, you'll feel a retro-jazz vibe which makes you feel you are a vintagiest. LOL.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finally, I Got What I Need

Hi! This is about the future again and I guess I got the answer. Like I said, "always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do". Even if we don't get what we look for, at least we learn something new in our life. There's nothing wrong with challenging ourselves anyway.

I may not get what I want, but I got what I need. At least the dream just misses a bit. And I'm still really grateful for what I got!

Now, I'm preparing myself for the new phase of my life. I know it's gonna be totally new. Living alone, away from my parents to chase my dreams. Do everything by myself, handle things by myself. I can't even imagine that. Can I do all that?

So, here I am, still confused, still kinda unready to face the life ahead, but I'm excited! Really I am! I know there might be many bumpy roads ahead of me, but I can't wait for it. I know, the next life will give me a lot of new things. I'll be getting new things, I'll experience new things which I wish can make me a better person.

I just wish, everything will be alright. And I still be good.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My First Design: Monochrome Tutu Maxi Dress

I'm still learning to draw, especially to draw a design of clothes. I've been dreaming to be a fashion designer but I still can't draw a fashion sketch. LOL. So, I tried to draw it on CorelDraw cause I think it's easier. So, the first design that I made was inspired by Evita Nuh. Yup, that little girl who has a fashion blog.

See? I think the skirt she wears is so classy. I'm not sure about hers, is it gingham or what? But I'm gonna make it in monochrome plaid. The skirt will be a maxi style. Then I will add a ruffled white tulle fabric inside it. I'm also gonna make sure the tulle fabric is a little longer than the outer skirt, about 5 cm to make it pop out a bit. LOL.

I can name this skirt to be Monochrome Tutu Maxi Skirt. You might think the Tutu (tulle fabric) makes it look too much, but I don't think so cause the Tutu is hidden. It even makes this skirt look so classy and elegant.

I thought it was really hard to draw on the Cored Draw, but once I tried, it's not that hard! You just really need to be creative. I guess I'm addicted to this thing! I wanna make it again soon. So, probably, see ya on the next design post!

Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm not restless

 It's like punching me to the max when I've got such different recommendations and arguments, even judgments. However, I'm gonna always stick to my plan. Even I might pass that if I lower the standard.

I don't know what happens to me. I don't know about me. Why do I just too optimistic? Am I blinded? Do I really believe in fortune? Since I know, I can make my own fortune by doing good things to people around us.

I love it though I know it's really hard. People have the different perspective, and it makes me confuse. Is that what I've chosen is right? I know I'm too ambitious. I am. But I didn't consider other things. I'm just consistent with no reason. I just love it.

But still, I'm not gonna restless. I choose this and only this. Period.

Too high? I know. But we'd better try than we give up before the match. There nothing wrong with trying. What else we do on this earth if not trying? And if we failed, at least we've tried and our question is answered.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Am I Too Confident?

It's not that I'm overconfident to choose that,'s kinda hard to say. Perhaps, I'm just too in love with that thing until I can't opt for another thing. Or am I just too consistent? I just don't care what others choose and what the crowd is saying.

I realized that it might be really difficult. Perhaps, they think I dream too high. Anyway, I just wanna challenge myself. I know it's not easy, but I'll never know if I never try. I'm actually afraid. I know there might be the easier way, but I choose the harder. How crazy it sounds? However, I don't know, I just believe that the fortune will come to me.

I might be dreaming about the things that might be too hard to reach, and you probably think that. But I believe in myself even there are bad talks surround me. I convinced myself cause my friend also said that "you can't be successful if you don't believe in yourself. Success starts with our confidence".
I might stick with the early decision that's not strong enough. I'm consistent. I also believe, success also starts from a thousand failure. So, that's okay. If it fails, I will try again.

I hear every judgment, every advice, which not sometimes makes me think again. Can I? Can I get that? Or will I be a loser?

I realized it's really 'high-level' and I'm clearly none. I might be just too ambitious. Or too optimistic. Honestly, I'm prepared for the possible things that might happen.

I know I may fail. Or everybody knew it that I will fail. But, at least, if I fly the hopes higher, it will fall not too down low.