My New Favorite Singer: KIMBRA

Have you heard of Kimbra, a newcomer singer from New Zealand? If you ever listen to Gotye's song or you're the fans of Gotye, you might know Kimbra. She's his duet partner of the song "Somebody that I used to know". Kimbra is a New Zealander who has a really good tallent. She has her own character. Her first song, "Deep for You" in 2005, is indeed different from Kimbra's genre today, but I still kinda like it. Her debut album, Vows (launched on 29 August 2011) is representing the new image of Kimbra in the music industry. The album also brought her to be one step closer as an international singer as it's released in North America on 22 May 2012.

If you kinda like indie with a bit jazz and rock, you might like her songs (and herself too). Like I said, Kimbra has her own character now and I really like her. Her vocal is also different, she has a strong character. And, and her so vintage! That's one of the things that makes me like her! LOL. But, seriously? She's so vintage with her red lipstick and that messy bob hairstyle.

You wanna listen to her songs? Well, I have my favorite(s) that I can recommend to you. Try to listen "Settle Down", it's one of the singles from the album "Vow". I also like "Two Way Street", "Posse", and "Warrior".

When you listen to her song, you'll feel a retro-jazz vibe which makes you feel you are a vintagiest. LOL.

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