My First Design: Monochrome Tutu Maxi Dress

I'm still learning to draw, especially to draw a design of clothes. I've been dreaming to be a fashion designer but I still can't draw a fashion sketch. LOL. So, I tried to draw it on CorelDraw cause I think it's easier. So, the first design that I made was inspired by Evita Nuh. Yup, that little girl who has a fashion blog.

See? I think the skirt she wears is so classy. I'm not sure about hers, is it gingham or what? But I'm gonna make it in monochrome plaid. The skirt will be a maxi style. Then I will add a ruffled white tulle fabric inside it. I'm also gonna make sure the tulle fabric is a little longer than the outer skirt, about 5 cm to make it pop out a bit. LOL.

I can name this skirt to be Monochrome Tutu Maxi Skirt. You might think the Tutu (tulle fabric) makes it look too much, but I don't think so cause the Tutu is hidden. It even makes this skirt look so classy and elegant.

I thought it was really hard to draw on the Cored Draw, but once I tried, it's not that hard! You just really need to be creative. I guess I'm addicted to this thing! I wanna make it again soon. So, probably, see ya on the next design post!

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