PHOTO GALLERY - Spring in Taiwan - Tianyuan Temple 天元宮 (2016)

I guess it's gonna be only photo galleries of Spring in Taiwan, 2016. As you can tell, last year I went to Taiwan for the exchange program from my campus and right now I'm still missing those moments. I know, it's been 1 a half year more has passed, but those memories stay clearly in my mind...

Taiwan is a four season country, but fortunate-unfortunately (since I can't tell that snow is a good idea or not, it's cold. It's a bad idea. Well,) there is no snow unless you want to go to the top of the mountain, you'll find the snow there.

Last year, I don't exactly remember when. It's at the beginning of April if I'm not mistaken but it wasn't Spring break yet. I went to the Tianyuan Temple, to see Sakura! This was the first time I saw the Sakura.

I live in Danshui, New Taipei, luckily, Tianyuan Temple is located in the same city where I live. However, I need to take a bus to go there. I guess bus number 875, I don't exactly remember.

I went there with Misaki, my Japanese friend. Here is where we waited for the bus that took us to the temple. We need to walk from the dorm to go here. It's around 500 m. Not too far, I walk a lot in Taiwan, I wasn't like an Indonesian. If you know what I mean. LOL.


Here is the Sakura!

A photo of us taken by my new Indonesian friend
The blurry photo of Sakura

The Temple...

Took on the second floor

It was on the Sakura Festival in Tianyuan Temple and we went there on Sunday. There were many people visited there. Like, too crowded. That's why you find many (not really) photo bombers on my photo. LOL.

Since it was a holiday, I also find many people with hijab, that indicates they are (not only Muslim but) Indonesian. I got acquainted with two Indonesian students who study at one of the University in Taipei. They asked me to take the photos of them, and so did I. I also asked their Line account and asked them to invite me on their Spring break trip but the fact is I didn't text them until now. I'm really sorry. LOL. I'm the one who asked them, but also me the one who didn't do that...

Funny thing again, I met a Taiwanese gentleman and greet me with "Assalamu'alaikum" (greeting in Islam) but with not a good pronunciation. I was surprised. LOL. I smiled at him, and he said that he knew I am Indonesian. LOL. I think because there are a lot of Indonesian labors in Taiwan until he noticed that I am Indonesian...

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