DIY: Scalloped Top

DIY scalloped top

One thing I love to do when I become a college student is that I don't need to wear a uniform again. I can wear outfits that I like, mix and match clothing items as I want. However, sometimes it's still kinda boring to wear and to mix and match. So, an idea came to my mind, to just recycle the items that I never seem to wear.

I found my old vintage dress and it's shorter than my leg. I can't call it mid dress neither maxi dress. It's just hanging about 7 cm above my ankle. However, actually, I like the dress tho.

I feel like it's all vintage, but........

DIY scalloped top

It's not funny, is it? Hmm. Well, time to DIY-ing then! I guess I'm gonna turn it into a top. What about the ever-hyped scalloped top?

And here we go, gonna show you the steps.

DIY scalloped top
DIY scalloped top

  1. Measure how long you're gonna cut the dress with a ruler and mark it with pencil.
  2. Cut the line that you've marked. Be careful when cutting, and make sure you cut it straight.
  3. Then, you have your dress cut.
  4. Prepare something round to make the scallop (I use a plastic cup)
  5. Put the cup on the edge of the top.
  6. Start drawing the round shape along the edge of the top. Draw less than a half circle (Protip: before you draw a circle, make sure to draw a straight line 5 cm above the edge or as you desire, so that the scallop will have the same size)
  7. Cut it with scissors and Done! It's better if you wanna sew it, but if not, it's fine too.

DIY scalloped top
DIY scalloped top

That was the result! Isn't that cute you just like having something new you've bought? Haha. Now you can feel something fresh in your closet. Something new in your closet can affect your mood, FYI. So, let's find some items that you can DIY!

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