The Art of Life

Moving away from hometown for college by myself doesn't really matter for me. I like to be free basically, because I don't like being ruled that much :p I can assume that I am independent enough. Believe me or not, I rarely feel homesick. I love being alone, I love my spare time so much! I always enjoy every second of my life. However, I'm still a kinda spoiled girl when it's the time, I will visit hometown if I have time since it's only 3 - 4 hours from my college.

I like blogging cause I think, it's what makes me different from other people (despite that a lot of people out there also blog). I don't like being a follower. For me, follower is a kind of person who doesn't have a principle of life. They may copy others and don't know which way to go. And for me, that's important, cause the only one who knows which paths that suits you is only yourself. So, each people should have their own path.

Blogging for me is also a part of art. An art of writing. I know I'm not good at writing, but I believe this blog will help me since I practice writing a lot with this blog.

I love art, obviously and did I mention I like being creative? I like everything about detail, tidiness, and aesthetic. So, I express it in my boarding room since I think my room is a place to actualize myself. It will represent my character as a creative and independent person. It becomes my self expression.

Since I like to be different, I want my room to be costumized. So, I did some DIYs in my room. I decorated my room as I like with a simple, easy, and cheap decoration, such as washi tape, wallpaper, pompoms, laces that really meets my style; vintage.

I just barely realize, those DIYs can be a room therapy for myself. Everytime I go home from campus and feel hard, I see those DIYs and it makes me cheerful again. It kisses the stress away and I will enjoy my life again. Screaming 'what a life!' while playing Oh What A Life by American Authors.

Anyway, these are the therapy in my room. I hope by seeing it, you can also feel how relaxed it is and heal your stress!

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