New Year's Stroll

I don't believe that 2014 was sooo fast. There are a lot of things change and new things come. It has a huge year for me as there were so many things happened. Something that I've never imagined before, was a call for being a person who should be more mature to take decision. I can't believe that I had through on something that I thought I couldn't pass it, and I make sure myself to be prepared on the next trial in this 2015.
2015 has coming so fast! My 3rd semester so. Time will feel so fast if only you could enjoy it. And new year's eve was an event that has just running out so fast to. I've hoped that I could be spending the new year's eve with him, but sure I know if he doesn't have enough time to go with. Then, I called my cousin to come to Jogja, and we spent 3 days (31 Dec- 2 Jan) together. It was so fun, and tired, of course. Haha.
It will be a little outfit post here, I'm gonna share you my #ootd of these 3 days with my cousin since those were a crazy moment, until now, I'm still feeling tired and I couldn't resist it. Haha.

Day 1 

Day 2

Last Day

We went to some places from day and night,went around Jogja when it comes to the traffic jam. Surely, from the Christmas Eve until the early of January, Jogja become most people's destination of vacation, since those date are the perfect days to go to holiday. Those were not only Christmas and New Year celebration, but these days are the holiday time for some students. There are also so many student tours coming to Jogja that made Jogja became like Jakarta or Surabaya, the traffic is so terrible.
However, we still decided to go anyway. Our first destination is mall, Jogja City Mall became the perfect choice and the thing is the way to go there wasn't there a traffic jam. Haha. And we took selfie, of course
And we've spent the New Year celebration in the circle Malioboro where people light up the fireworks hihi

The first day of 2015, we went to Kraton, Pines Forest, and Fruit Garden. It was the places we've never visit before and we took alot of pictures there..

The last day, we only spend the night at the Lantern Park. It reminds me of over last year, when the first time I went there with him. It was such a flashback. At that night, it was the day when he come back to Tangerang, I became a bit melancholic. Saw the places where we took photos together, or remember the places we've been taken photos by our friend. I miss that moments already.

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