What's My Age Again?

First of all, thanks Allah, for giving me such a wonderful time, though I've spent the whole day alone. However, in this day, I've been given lotsa lotsa surprises, greetings, prays, and wishes. I couldn't say much, only a speechless. I couldn't express more. Although almost all the things my friends gave to me through the distances, but good things always dismiss it.
Now I'm turning 20! They may say 20 is still a young, but some people claim I'm getting old. Yupp, indeed, every people will get old as you may pass life and as you can see yourself turn into it. 20 isn't a young for me, it's a new life. A new beginning of the true life, perhaps. There'll be a lot of things change, either my thoughts, my life, or things around me. In this decade, sure I'm gonna take a scholarship (aamiin), graduate, being a worker, married, get my children around me, and so on and so on.
In this 20s, I have to be wiser to do things. Choose what's important for my life, like choosing the right answer in my answer sheet in the exams. As we may through, it couldn't be right at all, cause we know, there's no perfect person. And life might not be going straight as always. As people say, we may through the bump roads. However, we have to keep trying to pass it.
I'm a kinda person who has a lot of dream that I want to make it real. I think, nobody does but there's also no less people have a same mind as me. No matter how hard it is, if I would, I thing I could. Well, in this 20, I wish all my dreams will begin to real, at least, start to be real. And I believe, that nothing's impossible as long as we try. 20 is to gain a new experiences, and prepare to the next adventures. Once again thanks to all people who wish me to be good, and better. I'll love you and wish all the good prays also will back to you :)

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