CURRENT TREND: Side-striped Pants

I'm not the kind o person who likes to follow the trend but, doesn't mean I hate what's trending. I mean, I will do/wear what I like to do/wear no matter if it's on trend or not. And when I like a thing that's trending, I'll be the first person to do/wear it in town. Haha. Just like these side-striped pants which are so trending last year (CMIIW) but, the people around me still haven't aware of this trend. Or let's say, they're a bit late? Or maybe they aren't really into fashion.

Side-striped pants are inspired by track pants you wear to the gym or other sports activities. It's just a typical pant which can be wide-legged or skinny or whatever but, it has a different color(s) in the sides. Some have one color of the stripe, some may have 2 or three stripes in different colors on each side.

Often my friends say that I look like going to swim or gym when I style myself with these pants. Or perhaps, people who see me also do say that way. Haha. I guess, this trend just hasn't arrived yet to the place I live. Wait n see, they'll call me a trendsetter, or guess, people, call me an alien? LOL. I'm just kidding.

However, I sometimes see some persons starting wearing these side-striped pants. Finally, I'm not alone. LOL. I found it everywhere. And I think, these pants you can wear pretty much at any time. Not to mention for your chillin day, a casual hang out; only pair it with T-shirt and sneakers then you're ready to go. Or maybe a little more formal by pairing with a shirt or blouse. I did wear these pants with a blouse to go to a job fair. I know right like people stared at me, probably questioning what kind of pants am I wearing. LOL. It actually doesn't matter if you are confident, cause it will look good anyway if you wear it with confidence. As long as it's comfortable for you to wear and doesn't break the rule.

Anyway, I guess it won't be hard again to find these pants. I believe after this there will be many online stores which sell these pants. While at the department stores you can easily find it at Zara, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear, and else. These pants of mine I made it myself since I like to customize clothing items, I prefer to sew it myself. I choose a peach-salmon for the stripes and I'm sure you can't find it another one elsewhere (but you may prove me wrong :p).

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  1. Loving the pink! Looking super fabulous!

    Paulo Paradox |


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