OOTD: Winter-inspired for Tropical Girl

Welcome back! I managed to post a fashion post (finally, sigh) after awhile. The photos were taken severaI months ago, back in the last Eid Fitr. I know it's too long, I intended to post it as my Eid Fitr outfit actually, but I think it's too late. But this might inspire you if you kinda obsess with 4 seasons countries, or pretending that you live in a 4 season country.

I live in a tropical country, which means sun will appear the whole year. No spring, summer, autumn , nor winter. When you are in love with fashion, but you can't just follow those winter outfits since it's too hot here. There it is raining, but I think it's still "funny" if we are wearing coat when it rains. It's still looked too much. When it comes to rain, sweaters and parkas are stylish enough to wear.

So, here I made a solution for the ones who are in love with winter outfit, but doesn't want to be looked too much or  suffering from the heat...

So, the key to be a winter-inspired outfit in this look is the tights. I paired a vintage pleated midi skirt with a bell sleeve top. Since it's midi and I have to cover all my legs, so I add tights to add it more like a winter-inspired look.

The color I choose is more like earthy tone in this #ootd. A khaki brown top and pale blue for the skirt, with a touch of floral. To match with the skirt, I choose a scarf in the same color. Also the brown vintage Keds to accompany the top's tone. I think it's like dual tone outfit, brown-blue become the only color.

Here are the details...

Anyway, the top is self-made, special for the Eid Fitr. I like to sew my own clothes recently, since I can customize it my own without complaining to the tailor if it doesn't be like exactly what I wanted (since I'm the tailor. LOL).


  • Make sure the clothes you wear is comfortable enough. Even though this is a winter-inspired look, doesn't mean we have to wear a thick clothes.
  • Good idea if there is a light coat or anything that is so winter but in a light version. You can also wear it to make it look like winter.

So, that's all my #ootd post, I wish it can do a little help for you who look for an outfit inspo. See you the next post!


  1. I feel youuu! When the rain pours down, I feel like covering up but then sometimes it's also hot haha. Really like your top, it's cool you made it yourself:)


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