Sociolla Freebies: Armando Caruso Brush

It's not too late to say Happy Eid Al-Fitr cause it's been 10 days ago. Eid Mubarak everyone! Anyway, I decided to share my April Sociolla Freebies in this post, since it's been too busy for everything until I remember that I haven't done yet posting about this freebies. This April Freebie is my third Freebies I get from Sociolla as I'm now doing a partnership with the website itself. Actually, I already posted my previous Freebies, February, and March, but probably you haven't noticed that it's a Freebies. The first Freebies I got was a voucher worth IDR150.000 with no minimum purchase at Sociolla. The second is Vitacreme B12 Sunscreen and Lightening Cream.

The packaging, this time is not coming in a box. Instead, it's coming in a feminine bag and still in pink color with the words "pretty things inside" which is so Sociolla. Haha. The box version also has the same words.

I've got two brush from Armando Caruso, Blending Brush (19) and Angled Shading Brush (04) . These two brushes are available at Sociolla. Don't worry, I put the direct link already. As usual :p

The price is quite cheap, only IDR 39.500 each.

I like the simple design of the brush, coming in all black (except the hair) that makes it look elegant since commonly I found cheap brush always have a silver ferrule. It has metallic black of the ferrule and doff black of the handle. The size is in standard brush size, quite handy and light.

I also got this small guide book, to make me easier to choose which brush should I buy next.

Overall, this brush is worth to brush. It's cheap and has a good quality, don't make you disappointed. If you decide to buy both brushes, you can get the discount from me at Sociolla, simply just put EKA50 in discount box when you check out. But, you have to purchase at least IDR200.000. Perhaps, add another type of brushes from Armando Caruso?

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