REVIEW: Senka Perfect Watery Oil

I'm back with the review, and this time, I'm gonna be reviewing my current makeup remover that I've bought in Taiwan last time. I think this product is not available in Indonesia, but do some of the beauty bloggers here also review this product. If you aren't familiar yet with this product, better continue reading this post. :p

This is one of Senka products a brand from Shiseido Japan. The packaging comes in a blue, I'm not sure what kind of blue is this but you can see below picture.

The price is affordable, not like Shiseido, which is....expensive. We know, Shiseido is expensive and most times I can't afford to buy, but indeed the quality is *star* *star* *star* *star*. I bought this product in Taiwan and it's so much easy to find, I can find it in almost all the drugstores there. Unfortunately, this series is not available in Indonesia (yet).

It's coming in 230ml, quite much, isn't it? The packaging is simple and designed with a pump, with a small clip to lock and to prevent leaking. It's pretty safe because the clip helps to hold the pump being squeezed unintendedly. So it's okay to bring this blue to travel,

The back side of the packaging is all written in Japan, and I can't understand any :( too bad I don't know the ingredients.

The texture is as it says, watery oil. It's just a perfect combination of oil and water. It's an oil, but more liquidy and not like a water.

This Perfect Watery Oil Make Up Remover has been my first oil makeup remover ever. That's why, the first time I used it, I feel like it's too sticky, just like I made a mistake putting something strange on to my face. LOL. But it's great, it can remove all my makeup gently. FYI, my everyday makeup is only putting bb cream, matte lipstick, and face powder. But I've tried it to remove my waterproof gel liner, my mascara, and eyebrow. It's still working great.

Let's see how it works...

However, I think by using this my skin gets a lot of acne. I've just barely realized. And I'm now struggling to remove all of it (just kidding, it's not that much. But it's more than I've had before). As I have an oily skin, and I know it's actually wrong to put an oil makeup remover onto my face. My skin becomes more oily, especially when I wake up in the morning. So, after I realized that this product is actually causing more of my skin problems, I take my previous makeup remover straightaway.

Now I can conclude that.....

-Removes makeup gently
-Removes make up even a waterproof
-No need longer time to get the makeup removed
-Only need a small amount for the entire face

-Not suitable for oily skin
-Cause more oily
-Cause break out

3 out of 5

This Shiseido Perfect Watery Oil is just not for my skin. It doesn't mean that it also doesn't work on your skin. It still depends on what your skin is. I made this review based on how it works on my skin. So, you can still try this product out!


I like to hear your thoughts! So, don't hesitate to comment :)