Monday, August 1, 2011

Fashion Tips

As a girl, definitely you love fashion. There're some tips can be use for you to face the fashion trend now:
  • Don't ever be a fashion victim
  • Don't too much follow the trend, choose which is your own style
  • Remember, you mustn't buy a new stuffs in order to look up to date, definitely there're many stuffs on your cupboard (or mom's) which can be recycling
  • Don't be rush to trashing your own stuff which probably never be used by you again and not according to the trend now, the fashion are tend to repeated all over again, so your own stuffs definitely be able to use again
  • Don't use more than one style at one time. The best way to show your signature is accessories
  • Branded stuffs are never reflect your personality. Wear the stuffs which reflect who you are. So, don't ever pegged with a branded stuff. You can follow the trends with a simple stuff :)

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