Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Triple Cleansing

I used to have a troubled skin. Perhaps, it's not as terrible as others do, but for me it's quite bad. Went to a place with a different weather and conditions, makes my sensitive skin has troubled enough. I rarely got acnes, but in another (new) place, I got a lot. I got my face more oily, and that makes my skin dull. I feel like all my skincares also were not absorbed well. It's so much inconvenient.

I thought, there's something wrong with my skincare routine. So, I bought some to heal my acnes. Until I realized, it's the different weather that makes my skin had so much trouble. Once I came back home, my skin wasn't back to normal. I still got some acnes and the oil in my skin doesn't be reduced. Then, I barely realize that to make our skin away from trouble is started by how we cleanse our face.
Before I realized that thing, I always double cleanse my face; use a make up remover and face wash. I thought that it's enough, cause I always cleanse my face regularly right after I come back home, with or without makeup, I always double cleanse my face. I also had quite enough skincare that based on my face's need. So, what was wrong then?

Previously, I use Sariayu toner as a make up remover, and Hada Labo as my face wash. Those products has suited my face's need; for oily and dull skin. But I though, I have to change my cleansing habit cause my skin didn't get any improvements. Luckily, I got a cleansing milk from Cetaphil, then an idea just slightly came to my mind. Why don't we just use all them together?

Now, I always triple cleanse my face. and that REALLY WORKS! The oil and acne has reduced, and my skincare products also can be absorbed perfectly. Like how thick the skincare is, I feel like it's just absorbed well so, it doesn't feel sticky once it's applied on my skin.

Now, I use three cleansers cause I think it's just better than my typical double cleansing habit. If you have the same problem like me, here I can suggest you. You can use your old cleansers, but make sure it's suited your skin. The next thing you need to do is adding the other cleansers. The basic thing is:
  • Make up remover/toner
  • Cleansing lotion
  • Facial foam

The products that I'm currently using is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (review soon) as a make up remover, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (review soon) as a cleansing lotion, and Acnes Creamy Wash as the regular face wash (review also soon). I can change those products whenever my skin condition changes. Again, I mention that my skin type is oily-combination. Since my skin currently having acne, I use the products that is formulated for acne care.

Here's the step by step:

1. Toner/make Up Remover. I use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water "Pure Active" that is suitable for oily and acne skin. I put the right amount of it to the cotton and rub gently. It's perfect for me cause it's light and doesn't feel sticky. Plus, it cleanses really well. It's important for the next step.

2. Cleansing Lotion. I like Cetaphil really much, cause my skin become smoother, cleaner. If the toner doesn't do the perfect job, Cetaphil can help remove the excess dirt. I put around 1 cm diameter of Cetaphil on my hand, then apply to my skin. After that, I rinse with water.

3. Facial Foam. After the final step, our skin has to be as clean as it can be. So, it's important to do it really well and carefully. It is perfect to use a bubble maker, so you will have a rich foam that will cleanse your face really clear.

I also have a little tip of choosing the type of the cleansing products:
Make sure the oily skin avoid whatever the oil based products, cause if you use it, it's the same like you're adding the oil to your skin. Better to use a water base products. Cleansing foam is still good, but remember always based on your skin's need.

Different from oily skin, your skin even needs to be moisturized more. So, the oil based skin might be perfect for your skin.

Another tip:
- Make sure your hands are clean before you cleanse your face. It's really important, cause (ya know), our hands got so much bacteria if we don't rinse it.
- Use a bubble maker for your cleansing foam. It will cleanse your skin more.
- Choose the right cleanser and skincare for your skin! Cause the right product will help you get a better skin.

The key of a flawless skin is the cleanser. If your face isn't cleansed well, no matter how good or expensive skincare you have, it won't work on your skin. Instead, it will work perfectly if you cleanse your skin well. And always remember to have the product that suits your skin, that's comfortable, and good. If your skin is cleansed perfectly, the skincares will work well. The result is, you'll get your flawless skin!

Anyway, this is my version of cleansing. I don't make any new theory, I just share what works on me and I hope it helps you :)


  1. toner sm makeup remover sama kah?
    punya makeup remover dan pgn beli toner, tp kalo fungsinya sama berati gaperlu toner dong ya._.

  2. Kalo setauku, ada toner yg sekaligus make up remover, ada jg yg nggak. Aku jg punya make up remover sama toner. Hehe. Cmiiw


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