Sociolla October Haul

I love to buy at Sociolla! Cz girls always love discount :p This time's haul is supported by #sociollabloggerliptint. So what is #sociollabloggerliptint? Perhaps, some of you might already know that I'm one of the Sociolla bloggers. So, the #sociollabloggetliptint is the category that I've got from that partnership. From this partnership, I can get the benefit, 15% discount for purchasing at Sociolla. And what I've bought is listed in this post...

Bio Oil
I want this product since forever, and finally I decided to purchase it. This basically a multi-functions oil, that can help reduce the stretch marks, the scars, dry skin, even the uneven skin tone. And it can be applied to all over your body, every parts (that's possible to apply). It's so much useful. I wanted to purchase this because I had a scar on my face caused by my careless when I was a little kiddo (around 1-2 years old) and the stitched is still remaining until now. So, I think (and I wish) Bio Oil can help solve my problem.

Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel
This was my second haul, after the one that I bought at Taiwan (click here). But, this one isn't mine, it's my friend's. I suggested her to purchase this since this is one of my favorite products that make my face become cleaner. Unfortunately, mine also has just run out but I still have another moisturizer I have and to try. So I postpone my purchase. And I really recommend you to buy this, because it's worth to buy. Especially for the ones who have oil problem like me, since it's a water base and a gel moisturizer, so it will be so comfortable to use it. The point is, it will moisturize your face without making your face more oily :)

Sembem Comedo Stick
It's been also a long long time I wanted this product, and I couldn't find anywhere that's good, but Sociolla! I really love Sociolla cause it can always answer my questions! LOL. I mean, the product I wanted always be there. It's so much complete. And this comedo stick is really helping people who have black heads (or white heads) cause you can easily pinch it out with a limited time!

So, that's the quick post of my Sociolla Haul. If you're not a part of Sociolla Blogger (yet), you can also get a benefit! By inserting SBNLA0N to the checkout box, you can get an IDR 50.000 discount after purchasing IDR 250.000

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  1. Gyaaa~
    Aku lupa sama diskon kategori LipTint punyakuu..
    Belom kepake sampe sekaraangg T__T

    ♥ ♥

  2. Aku juga cuma sekali makenya, sekarang sudah berakhir :')))


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