Summer Layering Outfit

Is it summer yet? I think it is already summer. Or, in my country, there's always be the sun all year round and we need to wear breathable clothes unless you wanna be sweating all day. However, it doesn't mean you can't layer your clothes. Only with a simple trick, you can still do it. So, in this post, I'm gonna show you how.

I was inspired one day when I opened up my closet. I usually hang the tops in similar style in one hanger, such as some blazers or some outerwear. I didn't even expect that I will get an outfit inspiration there. One of the stacks of it arranged a collared sleeveless top in brown and a cami outer in black. And I was like, "I think, this combo could work". I didn't think those outerwears will make such a perfect layer.

Since I'm wearing hijab and those outerwears are sleeveless, I need another top in long sleeves so that I can make it work as an outfit. Then, I added a basic long sleeves Tee in black. Turns out that I wear three layers of clothes.

Do you wanna know why it works in summer? The key is wearing all breathable and thin fabric. All three tops I was wearing in this outfit are very light, thin and very breathable. So, I don't feel hot even though I was wearing three tops together.

I also paired my outfit with gold culotte to match the top. The bottom is also quite light and breathable.

Also added this sand wedges and wear it with the socks to look a bit cute but still has the edgy look.

Lastly, I completed the whole outfit with my DIY purse bag and chose the scarves in the same tone with one of the tops' color.

Turns out that I really like the outfit! The collar detail paired with cami dress making this outfit also look a bit preppy, but still look casual. I don't know how to name this outfit, honestly. I can find a little detail of casual, a bit preppy and edgy in one. So, what do you name it?

I like styling my clothes and this outfit is not just playful. I still can wear it comfortably and still look stylish. I also can freely move. LOL. Never imagine that I'm a feminine girl who (most times) sits still and so quiet. I'm kinda frisky when I feel that the place is comfortable enough (kinda freak, actually). Especially, when I hang out with the gang, I can't control myself, talk and laugh out loud. So, I always wanna choose to wear comfortable clothes. I know, these photos seem doesn't represent myself as I described, but always, don't judge it from the cover. Never judge a person from photos. Haha

So, that's it for my styling tips. I wish I can post this kind of post again soon.

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