While I'm Away

It's been busy during my senior year, catch up all the materials I haven't take, remedies, community services, until thesis. I have to prepare all that in this semester. The consequences, I can't keep updating the blog every time. While there are so many things that I think I have to post it here. But, I still want to update slightly about what I've been up to in recent times, then I decided to make a new Instagram account for my blog.
At the beginning, it wasn't a blog related account that posts things that relate to my blog themes. Just an account that follows many shops online that is usually posting spams and ruin my timeline. The reason I made this account was to separate those things so that it won't come up to my timeline. But since I re-decorate my room, I think it's good to turn the account that's showing off my favorite things without being annoying until people think I just want to show off all my belongings, cause, you know..
In this account, I post anything that inspires me in anything, just like  the house, cause everybody has their own dream house, right?
Sooner, I also post things I posted (not-yet-posted) on the blog so that it can be called as a blog related account. And here's the sneak peek of my second account that you can follow and stalk while I'm away on the blog.

A photo posted by Eria Eka Wulandari (@ailieria) on
A photo posted by Eria Eka Wulandari (@ailieria) on

A photo posted by Eria Eka Wulandari (@ailieria) on

So, above are some of my feed on my second Instagram. Since I'm gonna be doing a community service program from the campus, I'm gonna be posting more on the Instagram rather to this blog, not just the things that relate to my blog theme, but sometimes also things that I like. I'm expecting to have more time and able to post on the blog. So, if you find it's interesting, you may follow.

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