REVIEW: Hada Labo Kiwamizu Lotion

Hi! I'm coming back again with another review. Now, I'm gonna be reviewing current toner that I'm using. I'm super excited! I really love this Hada Labo toner.

Hada Labo is my favorite product of toner and when I found this Kiwamizu lotion, I was like I gotta try it (FYI, lotion is the same as toner. But in Japan, they usually call it lotion rather than toner).

Hada Labo Kiwamizu lotion is quite new, but correct me if I'm wrong and it's not available yet in Indonesia. It has also a hello kitty edition, unfortunately I can't get that one because it ran out so fast.

I love this product more than my previous Hada Labo toner, Shirojyun (it was posted on my blog, check here if you haven't). I can say I'm satisfied enough with this product, though I didn't know the formulation, at first. I just search for the info right at the drugstores (cause I just can't read anything but alphabet).

The price is quite cheap, contains of 180ml fill and only priced 239 NT dollars or around IDR 96.000. I simply love the container since it's big.

And below is the texture. It's just like water that has perfume. I just like it.

The thing that I really love is Kiwamizu has absorbed to my skin faster. I don't need to wait any longer when I've no much time. The texture is also lighter as well as water. It's so similar like water. I feel like just putting magic water into my skin.

Here's the slight review:
+ Absorbs quickly
+ Light formulation
+ Smells good
-  Runs out so fast

I plan to review my recent skincare routine. So, stay tune on my blog! But before that, here's the sneak peek :p

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