Holiday Is Almost Over

Holiday is almost over, and my mission is a half completed. I'm rather disappointed since I know I could at least running my mission 3/4 completed. However, a half is quite good, it's also a progress, though. I'm also running a project as you know it's a confidential project as I never told you through this blog, but I promise to you all that I can publish it after I can do a little progress of it (and you might be surprised!). Well, it's a really quick post because actually I don't have any preparation to make this post in a good way, but recently I've been attended my cousin's wedding (and I'm so happy of him because it's been around 8 years since he and his girl have a relationship, wish I could reach that too). It was kinda busy because as a family we should also help a 'behind the scene' of the event and it was really tiring. Hahaha. I couldn't believe it that I was also involved there though not really much (it makes me realize that I'm growing and soon to be an adult person) And know that some of my families have been teasing me about how and when I can get married too like my cousin and who's the lucky person will be a husband to me and bla bla bla and it makes me thinking of it, that someday I will be a bride....maybe around 5-6 years later. Well, everyone may put a target on how and when or what's gonna happen next in our life, but it still God who can only decide..Okay, peeps, I've been in front of my laptop since I woke up until now (and it's serious). It's time to stretch up my body (a.k.a sleep). Time to go bed and to dream. Psst, I'm about to go back Jogja in this Friday! I'm really miss my dorm.......Psst, I've been also updating my blog layout and it looks kinda neat ;)

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