Dorm Alone (What to Do?)

You must be done reading my previous post that my holiday would end. Well, actually, it's right that the holiday has just ended on Sept 8, however we've received a news said that the lectures will be started at 15 Sept. I got Monday and Tuesday free for this semester, so I'm gonna start the 3rd semester on Wednesday 17th. So we can call it as an extended holiday. Absolutely, boring. I've been through 2 months of semester holiday, including Ramadhan and Eid Fitr holiday and it's reallyyy, kinda long. Oh no, not a kinda long. It's indeed really long. Don't know what to do with this 'extended holiday' which makes my day free (again) for more than a week. I asked my friend to make a journey to explore the beautifulness of Yogyakarta, however, they don't really serious to make it deal. I know my house is not really far from Jogja, cause it only takes 3 or 4 hours, but I feel like I don't wanna go home because it will make me less productive. Only watch a tv, or play internet, sleep, eating, and go bed again. You also already know that I have a mission I've planned, currently I'm gonna process it in Jogja, however the things are left in my house. What so pity I am.
Then, I began to think, what should I do? I look around my dorm, and I've got an idea! It also can help you when you've got yourself at dorm alone. So, let's take a look at these:
  • Learn New Language

Learn a new language is always fun! Yes, it is. I've posted the things I wanted to do, learning deutsch. To be (really) honest, yes indeed I've learned this language and  got some materials to be learned. However, it only took few days, and after it I didn't continue anymore. So, I haven't done it, I know it was a foreign language I've learn since I was High School, however, I really suck in it. Means I don't fluent in Deutsch, my German is really bad. And by this boredom, I'm gonna (seriously) learn this again. For you, who want to learn foreign language from a really basic skill, Duolingo is a good app to learn. You can download it on Play Store/App Store, also if you prefer with laptop/pc, you can just simply click Unfortunately, it only provides 8 foreign language (Spanish, Danish, Irish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch), but all those eight language is worth to learn.

  • Crafting!

This is one of the things I like to do. I can't stop decorating my dorm and I always look for some ideas that can make my dorm full of crafts and DIY things. I really like to customize thing around me :p This may be a hobby and one thing that can make me happy since I know I'm a moody person and easy to feel bored and because crafting is indeed fun! It makes our creativity increase as you know also it can balance our brain.You can start to be an itchy-hand person by look at this website: It seems like a heaven for a crafty person, especially for women who (naturally we know) love ever cute things.

  • Make A Simple Sketch of Clothes/Outfits
 You can only prepare three things to do this,
  1. Sticky Notes
  2. Pencil
  3. Your Taste of Fashion. B)
And then, let's start! Open your brain or look at the references you have. You may take a look at some blog of fashions, through online clothing stores, magazines, or instagram. Or maybe your own imagination and you can make an invention of fashion. Most of girls in this world (at least, ever dream about) want to be a fashion designer, and as a girl, outfit is one of the most important thing you could deal with. When you are in alone in dorm, this activity may fill your loneliness, it can be a reference for you when you someday want to go out with friends or your boyfie, or just start to be a fashion designer.

There are a lot of things you may do to take your boredom away instead of go out with your friends or take another vacations. It can increase your skill or your ability to do something. There are alot of benefits also. When you try to learn a new foreign language, for instance. You can add your confidence in speaking with people or just share to friends the skill you've just got and to teach them. Or you may decorate your room to heal your boredom and when you look around your dorm you feel like's my own heaven! It's fun when you can make it all enjoy, so let's just try!

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