Avene Au Thermal Spring Water Spray Review (for Make Up Use)

Need something to freshen up your life? I got a solution. All you need is just to spray Avene Au Thermal Spring Water, and you're ready to go again. Like everybody said, this is a magic water where you can heal all the redness and even the irritations. But I'm not gonna review about that, cause honestly, I never try it when I had redness or irritations. I use it for more like when I use make up, and I just love how it works.

I use make up everyday when I go out, but it's simply just a BB Cream/Cushion, mascara, eyebrow, lipstick, and a blush on if I want to use it. And Avene helps to make my make up stays in place, longer, and no cakey. Just spray right on to my face after I use BB Cream, and the make up is just set. It stays from morning till afternoon. The tiny water that's produced from the spray can also mix with my BB Cream, so that my make up doesn't look cakey.

I also love the way it can freshen up my face during the hot and humid day. If you wearing make up, spray it out and wait until it dries. Then you can touch your make up up again. So, it's very easy. For me, it's my go to when I travel or go outdoor.

The price is also reasonable, you can get a 150ml in IDR 188.000 in Indonesia.

  • Fresh, just like water
  • Help make up stays longer
  • Help to reduce the cakeyness
  • Freshen up your face

I never tried any other facial spray before, but I believe that I wouldn't change it to other products. So, my score for this product is 4,5/5.

So that's my quick review (again..) about Avene Au Thermal Spring Water as a make up setting spray. It's worth enough to try besides its benefit to reduce the redness (etc). Can you now compare with other make up setting spray?

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