Thursday, April 30, 2015

Confidential Vintage (Now Available at

Remember the product I've reviewed here? You curious of the projects I've been running recently? It's now totally gonna be revealed......

As you all know that I really love fashions so much, and vintage to follow. So, this brand is the evidence of my wish to be coming true. Since I was a kid, I've always wanted to build my own clothing line, because I really like clothes, and I kinda hate if some products I want may didn't suit me well, a bit. Then, I began to imagine if I could make my own clothes, I design it myself, and wear it myself, and also try to sell to people. I know confidential is not a clothing brand, and this brand is just a beginning. More missions to come, for sure!
I've been starting this business since May 2014 by my own. All I'm doing myself from branding, the products, and marketing, even the logo, I've made it myself. At first, I want to run my business in secret, and nobody would know. It's just because I like being nobody in front of people, but I'm doing something surprisingly behind. That's just me, actually. That's why I named it "confidential" as its meaning, I want to every people know my brands not just by the owner, even I know I wasn't someone that people know well. It's just like, I like people appreciate my work without knowing who's the one behind that creations.
So, after the truth has just been revealed, now it's the time to introduce my products. And here's from the first volume:

Some of them might be still available, though the other has just sold. You may purchase via email: But if you are outside Indonesia, you may click this link, and you may purchase that via Berrybenka. Yuppp, my products are also available at, so if you are feeling it's hard to reach me via email, you may easily purchase them at Berrybenka, just click the link above and just find those 8 kinds of first collection. Happy shopping! :)))


  1. So many cute bracelets! In the meanwhile, what do you think of following each other, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! Have a great weekend, kisses! :)

    1. Hi, I've visited your blog and been following you. Thanks for going here ;)

  2. everything looks really cute!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Hi, thanks! Don't forget to buy, it ships worldwide at berrybenka: :p


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