Normcore Attitude

2015 is started which means new trend of fashion are also coming. As seen, every year there would be different trends coming up, especially for fashion and people like always want to be that part of it. Well, actually I'm not a kind of follow-the-trend person, but this time because I really like simple thing and I also like to dress up in a simple way so, if the trend says simple is better, then I agree with it.

Now, 2015' trend is a normcore. Most of it girl or fashion-street-style person in the world you see wearing a simple kind of clothes. Normcore basically is the combination word of normal and hardcore. It's the trend of fashion that will boom this year, because every people like need a simple thing. What is normcore style characterized? It simply, if you want to style yourself to be normcore, just wear the basic and make it simple. Basic means, it's not too hard and never looked over. Basic colors like navy, white, black, will be the safest way to dress up normcore. It's also look good to limit the color of the clothes you wear. If you want to wear brown, just pair it with white, or only cream. It is so in hijab, hijab trend in 2015 is now gonna be more simple, no more too much layer, and more accessories that will be looked too over.

Not too much patterns. Patterns aren't going hype nowadays. The thing of this trend is more less is more. To look good, you never always have to show more by dressing up over, cause now the trend is going to be calm ;)


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  2. Nice bag :D

  3. It's so refreshing to hear normcore as the new trend... I can breaatheeeee *capek liat yang ribet2 hehehe

    I love your outfit combo, Eria! Simple & cuteeee <3 suka blus & sepatunya dehhh

  4. I like your style. Oh glad to rad that less is more will be hyping this year, suits me well. Nice post dear :)

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