Keeping Each Other's Feeling is Important

Being a college student --believe or not--can change some kind of things in your life even your personality. It basically based on what's your mind expected. If we decide to be a better person, God will hear and you will try to become a better person. However, if you don't decide to be better, you won't try to be better. You will be the same, and when you tired to be the same person, a negative thought can come to your mind. You might be lazier if previously you are a lazy person, for instance. And what you receive will never become better, even it can be worse.
It is true that I live in a different place with a different behaviour. Live alone (pretend it) because my University is out of the hometown. No parents control me, no rules, and every decision is taking by myself, also for me. I am now required to be more mature in order to face a life ahead. Hence, later I'll be having another life where my parents will see me and smile and they heart is saying "We succeed to teach you".
There are many things I like to be living alone. The first thing is I can decorate my room whatever I want to decorate. Second, I can wake up really late without my parents mad to me hehehe. I love spend my whole time in my dorm room. I don't really like to hang out, I like hang out basically but not too much. I also don't have much time to do such a hang out, because semester 2 was a full-task lecture. However, I still can spend my time with campus friends or dorm friends. Although, not every person around me have the same thought with me.
I've learned that every people are different. We can not fully understand what is in their mind. Sometimes, what we mean is not what they mean. We want something new and they don't. In this broad world, we meet every people with each different principle. Sometimes, I don't even accept what they had done to me, even sometimes, they're just kidding me.
As 19 years I'm living in this world, I still couldn't understand enough of what particularly happen. Sometimes, friends come, then go. Only time knows and filters good friends around us. As the time goes on also, we begin to know which one is a true friend, which one is only come when they need. I know that basically, every people need others to help. However, in some cases, people do not understand for what they should act good to other people. I think, it's not only to attract others so that others can be willing to help. There are muchhhh things we should understand instead of taking advantage only.
Once again, I've learned that every person is different, they have different characters, sometimes can be good, even they can be bad. If you are sensitive enough, don't be naive, you also ever talking about your friends behind them, right? I'm also, but I'm keeping myself to not do that anymore because all what we've done will reflect to us, will come back to us. It's like when you see yourself in the mirror, when you berate in front of the mirror, you will see your reflection also berate you. It also happens when you're talking bad about your friends, you'll be receiving the same act from others. What you've done, will be reflected to you.
I'm a kind of a "cool" person. If anyone talk bad about me, I seem I never care. I don't know why I become a not sensitive person like this. However, being non-sensitive can give advantage to me because I never think a small problem hardly..........
Basically, a good friend will never talk you badly behind. They know that every person is imperfect, and every kind of people have done a mistake. Whatever how bad you are, true friends will understand you. Even true friends will give an understanding in order to make you a better person. They will notify you, when you did a mistake. They will cry when you cry instead of smile when you cry. However, sometimes we couldn't accept the advices they give to us, or simply sometime those advices seem patronize us.
Because regarding to the difference of each person's characteristic, advice should contains a good words, it should relieve our heart not even make us thinking that those advice is useless. Sometimes, I feel that too. Even when I was just kidding of a thing, there's person responded it seriously and give such an advice that I think it was too much. 'I shouldn't be given an advice', I think arrogantly. And after it all done, it makes me understand that not every mistake of a person we should reveal, because we should keep each other's feeling. At least, we should tell the advice in a good way, so person can respon it positively.
To be honest, if a person hurt me, I will really hate her/him really much and it's hard to erase my hatred. Whatever it is, they hurt me with a word, or their attitude. Even I've tried to erase, and I said to my heart to stop hate that person, it couldn't even be erased. And yes, maybe because I'm indeed a stubborn person.
Every people are different, indeed. Sometimes it's hard to understand why our thoughts are different, our decision are opposite. I'm a kind of person who is really deeply thinking why every people have to respect each other. I don't know why I become really sensitive of people that have hurted me. I used to try to overcome this, but it still. If somebody hurt me with their words, and their words can really hurt me, I don't know why I will never respect that person again. It's like, I've tried to stop my hatred, but it always comes and always. Even I don't wanna see that person's face. Those seem so cruel, and indeed. That's why keeping each other's feeling is really important for me. No matter how close we are, it's important that we have to respect each other. Being a good person is never become annoying, and a good person is the one who can control their words.

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