What's Gonna Be Good?

I'm just feeling sooo lazy now. Well, accompanied by John Mayer's song as always and well actually I'm at home. FINALLYY!!! Hahaha. I've been home since last Sunday and I was riding a motorcycle alone from Yogyakarta. It took around 3 hours to my home. And everybodies seem so surprised why I am so brave to ride alone. Perhaps, they just belittled me because I'm so thiin slim :p.
I'm home. However, it doesn't mean I'm free of assignment. There's still a paper waiting for submission in this Saturday. Oh God, but I feel like I don't wanna start it all. Right, it was just a "home syndrome" it means when we've got home, we seem don't wanna do anything such an assignment. Well, God, don't let me do that, God.
Yesterday, SNMPTN 2014 was announced and I found so many "happy twitter" from my younger classes in High School. So proud of them, though :) However, this thing can take me back around a year ago. Yaa right, as I've ever told you before that I wasn't accepted :) After a year that thing go, I began to thing, that was many factors that caused me wasn't accepted. First, I used to be a Science student, not a Social. While my obsessed major was International Relations where it's a high level of Social student choice, actually. I used to love IRs when I was still at the 11th grade of High School, even before our friends were thinking hard about what major we're going to choose, even they weren't thinking yet.
Second, I've chosen a faar farr away university that actually that university doesn't count our school at all. I used to school at the best High School in town. Where some great University were counting us as one of the best school. As a proof, there are many of my elder class were accepted in State University with a countable major, a great major, a good major. But, at that time I didn't think about that actually. I was just follow my ambition. Wish my brother and sister don't follow my mistake :"
Third, I was blind. Yess, blind. At the SNMPTN year 2013, every student were allowed to choose 4 majors in 2 universities with requirements we choose one University which the location is in the same province as where we live. Except, when we only choose one major, and one University, it's allowed to choose wherever, without any requirement. And, that's what I do.
Well, so many mistake I did a year a go. Of course, it remains a regret. So much regret. However, now I feel I've got a better place :) As I'm now studying in a private University, not in a state University, but what's the problem? It was just a tinny separator, only by its status, private or state? And some people in this country are thinking, State always better than Private. And if we see the fact, it wasn't proven. There's not always everything good inside state University, and there not always bad in Private University. It depends on ourselves and the major we choose. If we can do that well, we can be better than those states college. Who knows? ;)

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