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Girls love to shop. I think that might be true, only if we have money. Haha. We also like a lot of things, fashion, accessories, everything. And we should be grateful living in this era, cause technology made it easy. Especially, to shop. We don't need to go to a certain place to buy new clothes, we don't even need to go out if we need something. Since we can shop online. It's super easy, all we need is an internet connection and smartphone or laptop. Then we can browse the internet, finding the e-commerce, choose which one you wanna buy, then pay. It's the effect of the globalization. Everything seems easier nowadays.

We can buy a product from overseas by simply having money and internet. However, don't be blinded! As it's globalized now, doesn't mean we don't need to act locally. We need to preserve our culture. Ok, it might be hard. Haha. Let's say, we need to support our local product. It's not that hard. It's also the part of globalization so Indonesian people can be more creative. Let's see, we have a lot of good Indonesian brand. #proudindonesian.

And, according to the title, I'm gonna show you my current wishlist. You won't believe me if I say that all my wishlists are local products (despite the books, ofc). Do you believe me now? Haha.

In case you wonder where are those products come from, I'm gonna list all the e-commerce below:
  1. Books: The Politics Book, Parisian Chic:
  2. Wallet & sling bag (clutch): Manikan
  3. Backpack: Bonjour
  4. Oxford Shoes (brown): Wondershoe
  5. Flat Shoes: Coppelia
  6. Sweater: Sitha Store

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