Teenage Years

I'm gonna say yes that's what happens to me every day, and you, isn't? Yeah, too boring, I know. And we need to zoom in this words: SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME ON THE INTERNET. I even I don't feel like opening the book for tomorrow's lesson. Or, I don't even wanna study even if there'll be a quiz tomorrow. I sometimes also do something not useful cause I hate my routine. I'm dealing with the same things, having the same boring routine.

I need to refresh my brain. I'm kinda tired, you know? Parents also seem doesn't support me, but I know it's not the thing, it's for the best of me. I mean, they do that for me.

And I feel like, my life isn't perfect. At. All. It's nothing. However, nothing is perfect anyway.

Teenage years aren't like what we expected, like too much joyful or whatever. But in teenage years, we can shape ourselves to be what we really want in the future. Well, if only you do good in teenage years.

Actually, there are so much more things. Our teenage years is not just that. It's us who aren't grateful enough for our life.

Of course in life we have problems, but God has created it based on our capability. So, it's indeed that we can solve it. We can make a way out. Just try to think clearly. Do some effort. You must try! Bear in mind that you can! You can! You can!

Most importantly, don't just talk, but do walk :)

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