"Life Begins At The End of Your Comfort Zone" -Neale Donald Walsch

I always afraid of trying something new. When it comes to the new one for me, I begin to be an odd person evvver. Awkwrd. I could be feeling weird, since the new things are a stranger for me. I've beem facing a demand of being in a comfort zone. Well, I'm never getting bored, however it makes me living in a monotone way. Something is never new. I always be like I am, I look for something new, but not the one that extremely wild.
Until I realized, I'm a young and need to have so many experiences in order to gain something new, and understand more about the meaning of living. About a grateful to God, and about open up my eyes, there are a big treasures there, and you gotta find, feel, and know it!
And I could understand how, there's nothing wrong of trying something that you've never done before. As long as, it doesn't make you and your life worse. As long as we're still young and have a lot of time (pretend it) to discover something that you wonder all this time. Lest, you will regret it tomorrow. No worried, just try.
I think, learning something new is so much fun! Really! It's like you will never get to stop your step, it seems like unlimited happiness. Got a new experience is never wrong, once again. As Neale Donald's quote, you're gonna feel a true life, when you never gain something new. This life is boring if we always be that way, always do the same things everyday. Haha
Well, I'm so excited to tell you all (okay, I begin to tacky now). It's been an ordinary think for some people, but me, as a person who hate all kinds of exercises, all kinds of outdoor activities (except travelling, of course), finally I did it! Akhirnya saya bisa naik gunung! The things that I never imagine before, I think I'll never could through this.
The one who wear black veil is a boy, he just tried to make a joke anyway :p

Hiking, is a new thing for me. We got to do such a hard thing to get there, the top. Haha. It's only a mountain Prau, only 2565 mdpl (meters above sea level), if you're a mountaineer, you're gonna laugh of me cause you might think that Prau is not a mountain, it's only a small mountain. Ya, ya I know. But I have to struggle so much hard to get the top.
I'm a beginner, and some of beginner friends too, and I didn't do such a warming up, especially running, all the more, I'm a beginner, should get more preparedness. I should've prepared a fit body and by the exercise I should've been through before I go.

Some people said, Prau is somehow having a hard track for the beginners. Well, ya, ya I got it. That's true. When I was hiking in the middle of the night will all the people there (who are some of them aren't beginners like me), I thought, that I'm never gonna hiking again. Never, it was hard for me, It's indeed really hard. I often got slipped, while I also got so much rest-time until we spent so much time to get to the top. While, actually it needs only maybe 2 hours, and we get through this for about 4 more hours. It sucks, and tired, of course.

We came there in a saturday nite, it seems so many people want to spend their satnite in Prau, lotsa tent there

My hometown is over the 'top right' hills in the picture ;)

We could see mount Sundoro there

But in the end, we've got paid! The view was so cool! I could see my hometown really small over the hill there. Haha. Prau is near by my hometown, Banjarnegara actually. And I was feeling sad that I couldn't reach my home, while I'm in the place where my hometown is near. However, it doesn't make me feel like then regret. I was just thinking, it's a good and new thing for me. I've got some new friends also, and it's fun to know new persons.
At first, I thought I would never go hiking again, but now I feel like want to go hiking again! Haha, it doesn't seem like I'm strong at all, but it's kind of a new fun for me. But of course, to get there, I should do a more preparation.
See, I can open up my eyes, to see the wilder place and out from my comfort zone. Well, now is your turn to make a new story of your life, depends on your interest, or reverse, or your hobby, or anything you might build, to gain a new experience, and to hold this world! :p

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