The Old Days

I look around my space, thinking why I could be here. Well, it seems like I don't have a way to escape, when you look at the mirror and ask who you really are. And I might realize that I've already missed the old day. Old days.
Something then strengthen me, from the people who always underestimate me. I know, they just don't know who I am. They just make me weak at first as I'm a sensitive-typical person. However, they make me stronger. However, they help me though.
I feel lonely in the crowded places. It's like you have a boyfriend but you don't feel like you have him. I feel here, I don't find anyone know me that well. I miss. I'm missing people who always understand me, keep me struggle for things I almost giving it up. Here, I don't find those people.
I miss the old days, where people call me and share a thing with me. Everyone become so humble, they were there at that time and together. There was an ego, but a bit. Here now, ego is the main strategy to win. Now, the only thing I do is to wait until the game is ended and move to the other new game and I will be a winner

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