REVIEW: Neutrogena Deep Clean Acne Foam Cleanser (The Best Facial Foam I've Ever Had)

Feels like I have to blog everyday, cause many products I haven't been posted. And if I postpone and postpone again, the product also will be sooner running out. And since I like to try new products, or I'm not sure to repurchase a product again because it's not that good, I have only a chance. Except, those products are really working on my skin and make me in love. And now, I'm gonna be reviewing the product that I don't use again, cause it's hard to find it here :(

This is the first time ever I use this brand. Neutrogena is a skincare brand from Los Angeles. I found most of the beauty enthusiast people think that Neutrogena is a good brand that answers your skin problem at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, there's no drugstore or its own store in Indonesia. It's not officially sold in Indonesia, but you may find it on Lazada. I think they do have it. However, the price will be a little higher.

So, moving on to the review, as the title that I put, this is the best facial foam I've ever had, no doubt. You'll find it out why I claimed so. Remember that I have an oily combination skin, which is so annoying. And recently I also am facing acne problems, in which I never had it before. Then, I found this product at Watson when I was in Taiwan, I didn't think too much instead of saying that "this. is. what. I've. been. looking. for". This product really does answer my question! Plus, it's affordable (around 125NT = around IDR 50.000).

Picture via: Pupe So Sweet
Neutrogena Deep Clean Acne Foam Cleanser is the cleanser for the ones who have an oil and want it to be reduced. It's written that it can remove acne that's caused by dirt and oil for the clearer skin. I still remember the first time I use this facial foam, it immediately removed the oil right after I cleanse. I feel like there's no oil anymore on my skin. It makes my skin dries a little if my skin were normal at that time. The thing is, this is not suggested for a normal-dry skin since it will make your skin dries more.

Longer after a regular use, it doesn't feel like it dries my skin again, but the product still does the good thing. My skin becomes less oily and more supple. The acne never comes back again, and my skin becomes brighter. What I like is this product really did a good job. It really cleanses as clean as I've ever felt. I really like how it turns out to be a rich foam when I use it with a bubble maker (cause using a bubble maker is a must -for a clearer cleanse).

  • Removes oil
  • Cleanses as clean as I've ever felt
  • Make skin clearer
  • Help removes ance
  • Make skin brighter
  • Rich foam



Absolutely yes!

So, I wish that Neutrogena could officially be launched in Indonesia, and I can repurchase it again. And again, it's recommended for you who are looking for an affordable face wash that will make your skin less oil, brighter, and less acne.

I hope this post will help you, see you in the next post. Tomorrow, perhaps?


  1. Nice review! And I love the photos too, though it seems like I won't buy the product since I have dry sensitive skin:/

    1. Thank you! Ah, this post is not for you, unfortunately :(


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