Portfolio 1

Lately I've been asked of my friend to design over her blog. She knows I'm really addicted in blogging, so then she asked me to do so. Well, actually she's a newbie in blogger and she actually played with tumblr as her life journal. So, it was actually a new challenge, been trying a new experience since I never make over any other blog, instead of mine. And it was such a reward for me, been trusted by my friend to design her new blog.
So, here it is..

I love every single simple detail of the template, since she asked me to make it simple as her own character. She's actually a traveler (or so called as a mountainer), and it could be better if I design her blog as simple as it can, however it still looked elegant and a lil bit girly (well, actually she's not girly at all, but at least she tries haha) and she satisfied of her new blog looks. Want to see the result of my first portfolio? Stalk her blog here.

Want me to make over your blog? Email me: eriaeka@yahoo.com

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  1. Hi eri. I love ur design.. maybe you should try to make over mine later. Hihi :)

    1. Hi mbak, sure! My pleasure, I'd like to make over yours if you want to ;)


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