Have you ever question yourself what will you be in the future? Have you ever worried about it? Well, today is my turn. I mean, I'm worried now. I am now a Senior High and I don't know what to do after this. Still blank. I know, Senior High time is the worst version of me (I hope it won't worsen in the future, so I dare say, this is the worst of me).

We will age, every year our age is plus one. It's not a choice, it just happens that way. Everybody will. But, being grown up is a choice. Not everyone will. I know I'm still really young and there will be a lot of things ahead of my life. I realized that I can't be such a childish no more, even if I'm still young. I still have to think about my future: what will I be in the future?

Life is not just live and die. There are so much more than that, you know right? Even if I'm still almost-17-years-old, I think a thought about future is really necessary. We can't be just having fun all day! If we do that, then we will forget to catch the future. Well, at least I'm thinking 'what will I be in the future' rather than not think about it at all.

At least, I don't waste my time, living in the present without thinking of the future.

I hope we can fight for the future!

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