Greyscale | Tips to Wear Tights With Hijab

It's a holiday! Yippie! Now my 3rd semester has done, and I ended it hunting! Yay! This time, I went to Kotagede, it's still in Yogyakarta A good choice for the ones who like to visit historical places.

Kotagede is a kind of settlement. However, there are so many historical buildings like the Mosque. It's very sad, I couldn't take any photo there cause it was raining. For me, personally, I like the place not just because it's a historical place, but it has a vintage ambience. A Javanese-vintage ambience.

The unique things in this historical place is people are always taking photos in front of people's houses. The grassed-wall that happens to be my photo background is owned by people there. It's a house! It's quite famous actually, They already know, it must be a wall full of grassed located in Kotagede if they see my photo above. The house owners also getting used to the visitors taking so many photos there.

Talking about my outfit, this time I paired my old midi dress with tights. These thights are quite thick so it doesn't show up my skin. I can pair it with any kind of clothing items, such as midi skirts, midi dress with long sleeves, midi pants, any kind midi I have. I guess it's a good time to share some tips with you. So here we go:
  • Choose a dark color of tights/pantyhose, such as black, dark grey, dark green, any kinds of dark colors.
  • Choose only tights/pantyhose in 480D or thicker (D = Denier, the thickness of the tights the bigger the number of it, the thicker). As you are wearing hijab, you have to cover your skin as not-seen as possible. So, tights in 480D is enough, but thicker is the better.
  • Never wear mini skirt with your tights/pantyhose. Remember, even if tights/pantyhose is thick, you have to know that it's still not thick enough like your pants or jeans. And its thickness is just like a legging. It shapes your leg. So, you have to pair it with at least midi kind of bottom and it's minimum 7 cm length under your knee.
  • Never use tight tops, dress, or bottoms. It just exposes your sexiness, since the tights already make you quite sexy.

That's it for the tips. I guess, it's been awhile, isn't it?

Anyway, I'm gonna share you some behind the scene (featuring my friends).


  1. hhmm... menurutku,, lebih bagus lagi kalo roknya lebih panjang dari iniii... bentuk kakinya masih kelihatan banget :(

    1. Iya, itu sebenernya rok jaman aku SMP, baru kepake, mungkin akunya tambah tinggi hehe ;)

  2. Love your smile! The background is very unique. Thank you for visiting my blog! Please come back more for my daily fashion post and keep in touch!

    1. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog too, sure I'll visit again ;)

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