Throwback Thursday

#throwback is a common-use-hashtag in an instagram recently. Or you may see it as a #latepost that maybe your followings even yourself have been using it very often. Now, I give you a little moment of the throwback as now it's also a right time to call it as #throwbackthursday.

Yay, it's now an #ootd post! I'm not gonna talking much about hashtag that now it's really happening, especially in instagram of course. One of the most HIT instant social media. But, I will share you my throwback outfit post. As my blog resolution list number 1, I want this blog to be fulfilled of my outfit post. Then, here I am, I make it.

I was in Parangkusumo and Gumuk Pasir, Yogyakarta in last 15 November 2014. It was a little refreshment of my brain, as long time I've been wanting to go to the phenomenal tourism place, Gumuk Pasir and finally it's realized! You know my outfit didn't match with beach anyway, however let's be different. But still, wear what suits you and what's comfort in you ;)

See you in the next outfit post!


  1. It's a beautiful outfit! Minggu ini aku mau ke sana loh. Yayy!

    1. Thanks! Wah jangan lupa foto foto yang banyak ya hihi ;)

  2. Dua foto paling akhir aku suka :D
    Salam kenal ya .. Follow back?


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