Style Inspiration: Keep Stylish in A Bright-Sunlight Vacation Day

Go vacation, erase the boredom by seeing the wilder place and sometimes we could face the bright sunlight that will burn our skin which makes us then become a cry-baby, scream and say 'I'm gonna protect my skin after this, surely' but it doesn't come real since you forget to put sunscreen cream to your skin. Or even you don't have it?
The thing is that the clothes you wear in the bright-sunlight day. Do you want to keep stylish without feeling sultry? But your clothes still can protect you from the sunlight that will burn your skin? I'm sure you afraid of it, so then..this tips is good for you.

This was my last post outfit, when I went vacation with my friends in a daylight since we started to go at around 9 a.m. and it was a hot-time in Jogja. I decided to wear a simple yet still stylish outfit, with only pairing my tribal-patterned long blouse and nude sleeveless top. To look a bit more stylish, I wore my blouse unbutton so that it looks like an outer (but actually it was a basic long blouse) and the nude top will be appeared. I added belt and for the bottom I wore simple dual jeans which I can fold it up in the edge of it, again to perfect your stylish outfit and I never forget to put on my favorite plain socks in brown. I paired it with my brownie-tassel flat shoes in pink. And see, there was no something strange to my outfit right? Although, I'm wearing socks in a contrast color with my shoes. However it's still looked good since the tone not goes too wrong. It's good to know that my tone wasn't red again, haha but I'm still playing with one of my favorite colors, brown with a touch of violet, black, nude, and pink.

And that's the tips for you, the socks which sometimes look a bit too old, by wearing it right it will be looked so cute and no mistake at all. Now, you can walk freely without afraid of your toe is being striped since you know your skin is not a fabric, yea? Hahaha
Pssst, don't forget to put on your favorite backpack!

And pssst, HAPPY NATIONAL BLOGGER DAY! Today is Indonesian Blogger Day, this commemoration was declared by our former Minister of Communication and Information, Prof Dr. Ir. KH. Mohammad Nuh in 2007.

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