Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Final-ly, I.P.I.R.E.L. Does It Matter?

Hello, my friends! I hope you're all have a happy feeling right now. Not like me, i'm still "galau" after i got another announcement about a college. Now i'm not unemployed anymore, finally i accepted in a University that i've never imagined before. I never thought that i'm gonna live in this town, i never thought that i'm gonna rent a room to live with my old friend around. I thought about living alone without my old friends with all new life, and new brain. Okay, well. I can't take a breath to write this. Em emm, okay at least, i've got this, this, International Relation! Yippie!
Prolog, i'm from Science student and i've been accepted in private University; Muhammadiyah University in Yogyakarta. It's a good University enough, but every people are always questioned about state and private university. But i think, it all based on ourselves, right? I f we can maintain ourselves to the right way, so everything can happen. The good future is not only in the hand of state university.
If y'all don't know yet. And it's a new experience for me to join this International Relation. I don't have politics base, i don't have anything's proper in International Relation. It's a big brave enough, aha? Right, i'm to brave to choose this. Been stressed. Nearer, i'm more confuse. More unconvinced. Hahh, i think this is the real International Relation, IPIREL. Huh, there're so many great persons that have been rejected from any state Universities, so many English lover who're really really understanding it.
And how about me? As you see, i'm not really clever in English and i have so many writings in "gramatically really uncorrect" right? So here i am, between ready and not ready, i'm joining you IPIREL! I wish that this's gonna be by way, though so many bumpy road in front of you. There's a proverb like this "Always do what you're afraid to do". So here i'm really afraid, you knowww??? Hahhhhzzzzz just wish me always in a good way, and always in His Bless, aamiin yaa robbal 'alamiin.

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